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Searching for Radiant Barrier Contractors near you in the Phoenix Metro Area? Let GreenLife Energy Experts, LLC introduce to “TCM Radiant Barrier” – the best radiant barrier technology in the world that can save you up to 50% on electricity guaranteed! Receive a 100% free radiant barrier installation quote from the Valley’s best radiant barrier contractors today by giving us a call at (480) 744-1803!

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The Best Radiant Barrier Contractors!

We are the best radiant barrier contractors in Phoenix, Arizona and soon to be the world. Our patented “TCM” product is better than current radiant barrier technology and comes with a money back guarantee! You won’t find any other attic insulation contractor offering those kinds of deals because their products don’t work.

Now don’t get us wrong, of course current radiant barrier technology will save you money, but the minute their reflective material gets dusty, all your savings go out the window! We invented TCM to solve the problem with radiant barrier technology and reduce your srp or aps electricity bill.

Our Radiant Barrier Installers Can Save You Money

We are A+ BBB rated radiant barrier contractors with the knowledge and experience to handle any residential or commercial radiant barrier installation project! Our radiant barrier installers know all about blocking out radiant energy and actually designed our radiant barrier foil specifically for hot sunny climates like Arizona.

We can help save you money by installing a radiant barrier and a high powered attic fan for NO MONEY DOWN! Worried about radiant barrier costs or return on investment? Don’t worry, our radiant barrier installers will show you exactly how much money our radiant barrier costs and how much money you can expect to save on your electricity bill. It all starts with a free energy audit!

What Is A Radiant Barrier?

Radiant Barriers help keep your attic cool in Sunny Phoenix, Arizona!

Radiant barriers help stop radiant heat from entering your attic – your home’s main source of heat gain. When your attic gets hot, so does your home. During the summer months in Arizona, your attic can actually reach temperatures of 140 degrees or higher. That heat has to escape somewhere and most of the time it escapes into your living space. This causes your air conditioner to have to work twice as hard, making your electricity bills to skyrocket.

Radiant barrier is a reflective insulation material that is laid on your attic’s floor to prevent radiant heat from making its way into your home. Also, a high powered attic fan (required for any professional radiant barrier installation) forces any remaining hot air out and keeps the air circulating to keep your attic cool.

Different Types Of Radiant Barrier Foil

There are many different types of radiant barrier foil including: Radiant barrier paint (not recommended), single sided radiant barrier, double sided radiant barrier and then there is TCM radiant barrier (the best radiant barrier). Installing TCM in your home’s attic can help you save as much as 50% on your heating and cooling bills. Phoenix, Arizona is the perfect place for installing radiant barrier systems due to the hundreds of hours of sun we get every year. Your air conditioning unit will work better, last longer and cost less to run after installing a radiant barrier system.

Most Reflective Material On The Planet

Best Radiant Barrier MaterialTCM has the lowest emissivity level on the planet, even lower than silver! Meaning, our product is so reflective it won’t even retain heat, unlike current technology which will.

Furthermore, our radiant barrier alternative never loses efficiency, meaning it keeps working no matter how much dust you have in your attic. We’ve solved most radiant barrier problems with TCM!

We have proven case studies showing our product is more effective and never stops working. Our radiant barrier solutions work so well we offer a full money back guarantee if it ever stops working.

Trust, we wouldn’t make a guarantee like that if we though this product was going to fail next week, this stuff is tried and true and stands up to the test of time! See how our radiant barrier installation costs stacks up against the competition and DIY installation.

TCM Radiant Barrier Installation Benefits

The benefits of installing TCM radiant barrier include:

  • Your A/C will use less energy to cool your home or business
  • Your rooms will stay cool longer
  • Can be used to wrap A/C units (& air ducts) to keep the entire home the same temperature
  • Can be used for residential, commercial, industrial and new construction applications
  • Furnace will heat faster and keep your home or business warmer longer
  • Can be installed over your existing insulation, no need for insulation removal
  • More comfortable living all year around
  • Dust accumulation has no effect on the lifetime performance of TCM
  • The most effective attic insulation in the world for hot or cold climates
  • Options of 50, 75 & 99% savings on utility bills guaranteed
  • Smaller Carbon Footprint
  • All rooms of your home will be cooled and heated the same temperature

We Ever Offer Free Energy Audits To Prove It

Give us a chance to show you how effective TCM is and how it can help you save more money than any other radiant barrier material! We are a full-service energy company offering more than just radiant barrier solutions. We also offer residential and commercial solar panel installation, residential load controllers, ductless ac units, AC optimization, Duct wrapping and more.

Give GreenLife Energy Experts, LLC a call today at (480) 744-1803 to find out how we can save you as much as 99% on Electricity with only a small monthly bill (you own your equipment) unlike most utility companies. Receive your free energy audit today to find out how much you can save.

Our Service Area Includes The Entire Phoenix Metropolitan Area

Receive a free radiant barrier installation quote from the best radiant barrier contractors today by giving us a call at (480) 744-1803 today!

Our contractors offer radiant barrier installation to the entire Phoenix Metropolitan Area including:

Phoenix, Arizona

Mesa, Arizona

Gilbert, Arizona

Chandler, Arizona

Tempe, Arizona

Scottsdale, Arizona

Glendale, Arizona

Fountain Hills, Arizona

Peoria, Arizona

Surprise, Arizona

Cave Creek, Arizona

Carefree, Arizona

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