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What Is A Load Controller?

A load controller is a device that balances the supply of electricity by controlling and adjusting the electricity load. Load controllers reduce home electricity costs by reducing demand for electricity during peak/high cost kilowatt hours.

*Attention – SRP residential electric customers considering solar installation. This residential load controller is designed for the (E-32) solar rate that SRP recently implemented to benefit solar customers. The Pensar Load Controller is also effective at controlling APS peak electricity charges.

The Smart Panel 3000 Energy Management System is a great addition to any home that wants to control loads and save money on electricity. Alternative Energy, LLC offers solutions that will provide you will a higher return on your investment.

Please Be Advised:

Alternative Energy, LLC/Power Solar Solutions is in no way sponsored by, related to, affiliated or endorsed by APS aka Arizona Public Service Company, one of the major Arizona electric utility companies. APS sells energy, Alternative Energy, LLC helps you conserve it/manage it.

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Residential Load Controllers

Alternative Energy, LLC is an approved installation contractor of Pensar Load Controllers and Inergy Systems Demand Controllers. Both of these systems can help APS and SRP customers save money, especially for customers who are currently using solar, we can help you save even more.

We can fully integrate load controllers with storage, arrays, PV or any other type of alternative power source on your residential or commercial building.

About Alternative Energy, LLC:

3 Years ago we got into load controllers when utility companies in Arizona changed their rates to start charging customers more for using their power during peak periods.

As energy costs continue to rise, investing in energy management solutions is an investment that pays back over and over again. We help save energy during the most important times of the day, which helps you save big no matter how much you are being charged per kilowatt.

Residential Load Controller Phoenix

Above is a picture of the “Inergy Systems” Smart Panel 3000. This is a relay box that is installed and mounted directly next to the right side of your main electric panel.  There is no outside or inside Control panel with, load status lights, digital lights or wires running through your attic.  This state-of-the-art system uses cloud technology to allow you to access data and control of your home by using your laptop, pc or tablet at remotely or while at home.

SRP Load Controller Phoenix

This is a picture of the control module being installed and wired to the higher voltage loads such as the water heaters, clothes dryer, AC unit etc.  The HVAC equipment in your home is controlled by WIFI thermostats that communicate with the Smart Panel 3000 and collects data like as time to reach target temperature, run time, and uploads this information to the cloud.

Real Life Monitoring

Live Viewing OF Load Controller Readings Phoenix

As you can see above, the Inergy Systems load controller offers a real life view of when and how much power your home uses.

Load run times and High Energy Demand levels can be monitored or viewed in real-time.

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Pensar 1000 Load ControllerPensar 1000
$1,998.99 installation and unit.

The Pensar 1000 firmware now supports APS Rate Schedule ECT-2. 

Real Time Clock/Timers:  Allows all or some controlled loads to be scheduled off or on, during preselected hours.  If your utility company offers a discount for demand during off peak hours, a timer can be used to increase your demand limit precisely during those hours.  In the event of a power outage the correct scheduling and time will be maintained by a battery backup.

Digital Display:  Displays the last period average, current demand, demand limit, peak period average, and override status.

Adjustments in Tenths Of Kilowatts:  Allows you or a technician to make changes and receive critical information to the 10th of a kilowatt for settings up to 10 KW.  (Settings over ten KW may be adjusted in 1/2 kilowatt increments).

Permanent Memory:  State-of-the-art electrically erasable programmable memory (EEPROM) is used to preserve critical information in the event of a power interruption.  No batteries are required.

Programmable OFF/ON Times: Adjustable off and on times, from on to 15 minutes, add efficiency and flexibility.  Minimum off and on times are typically factory set at 6 minutes for compressor protection, but can be adjusted to fit different applications.

Circuit Override:  Allows you or a tech to temporarily change the priority loads (1 or more) for a period of 6 mins to 99 hrs.  This may be quite helpful if you want to use a specific appliance which is currently shed (not powered on).  You can also choose if you want to disable a load during this cycle.

Data Lock:  Will protect stored data from being accidently changed.

Choice of Manual or Automatic: You may choose to have your demand limit adjusted automatically by the computer for seasonal changes, between a maximum and minimum you select, or manually adjust it yourself at will.

Individual Control Points:  8 control points are available.  Individual points of control offer the greatest convenience and flexibility.  Up to sixteen loads may be controlled with the use of optional relays – two loads per control point.

Flexible Priority Strategies:  You can assign up to eight levels of priority to each point of control.  Unlimited combinations of rotating/fixed load priority groups are selectable so it can fit the needs of every household.

Choice of Open Frame or Enclosed Relays:  The Pensar 1000 comes standard with industrial quality open frame or enclosed relays.

Programmable Demand Averaging Period:  Averaging periods can be adjusted to 60, 30 or 15 mins to match your utility company.  This will allow for the greatest amount of efficiency in control strategies.

Individual Testing:  Each load controller unit is carefully tested and burned-in for performance and reliability.

Variety of Relay Enclosures: Options include flush mounting, surface mounting, lockable, and/or hinged.  Enclosure sizes include 8x10x4 and 12x24x4.

Compatible with all Cooling & Heating Systems:  Whether you have air conditioners, heat pumps, baseboard heating, electric furnaces, or radiant heat or electric boilers; the Pensar 1000 will give you the best possible performance.

UL Listed:  The Pensar 1000 meets or exceeds the Underwriters Laboratory Inc. requirements.

2-5 Year Limited Warranty: The Pensar 1000 comes with a 2 year warranty.  An additional 3 years of warranty can be purchased at a minimal charge.



  • Mounting:  In Relay Enclosure.
  • Connections:  Terminal Strips & Card Edge.
  • Power Requirements:  60Hz, 4 watts, 12 VAC, Class II


  • Dimensions:  10 inch w x 12 inch h x 4.0 inch d  (more sizes available).
  • Enclosure type:  Screw cover, NEMA 3R Rain tight.
  • Operating Temperature:  +170F to -40F .
  • Power Requirements:  120 VAC, 60Hz.   40 watts maximum, 4 watts standby.
  • Relays:  Electromechanical.  Two 3 amp pilot-duty SPDT and up to eight 30 amp  1 1/2 HP SPDT  (DPDT optional ).


  • 2 ring type with 48″ 600 volt leads.
  • Standard type:  200: 1 amp Class 2  200 amp rating.
  • Dimensions:  2.4″ OD x 1.1″ ID x 0.8″ width.
  • (400 and 600 amp ratings are also available).

(Specifications subject to change without notice.)

Owners Manual

Pensar 2000 Load ControllerPensar 2000
$2,499.99 installation and unit.

The Pensar 2000 firmware now supports APS Rate Schedule ECT-2. 

Curb Energy Management System
$2,299.99 installation and unit.

Braden Energy Sentry 9388A Load ControllerBrayden Energy Sentry 9338A
$2,399.99 installation and unit.

Inergy Smart Panel 3000 Load ControllerInergy Smart Panel 3000
$3,499.99 installation and unit.

Load Controller FAQ

Read the most frequently asked questions about load controllers. 

What’s does a load controller do?

A load controller basic function is to spread out your energy usage. In technical terms it’s really called, “load shedding” but that seems to confuse some people and we like to educate our customers.

A load controller manages your power usage by limiting the amount of loads that happen at the same time. High energy demand loads such as running your A/C unit, Hot water heater, or Dryer, aren’t allowed to run in conjunction, which is usually the main reason for high energy bills.

You can’t control the rate of energy you are paying but you can control the amount of energy you are using at the same time. It comes with customizable energy settings that allow you to set it where you want. The lower the setting, the more you save.

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What Is Peak Time?

High Energy Demand is the highest usage of electrical power during a given period.  For APS customers, high energy demand is based off the highest amount of electricity you used during a 30 min (SRP) or 1 hour period (APS). The measurement is 1KW or 1000 watts per time period.

Cost of electricity Feb 2017: $13.85/KW

Energy demand shows that 10KW would equal $138.50 for 60 minutes of energy usage. Cut that amount in half (what a load controller can do), would reduce your energy bill by nearly $60/month.

Demand rates are already high and are even expected to rise upwards of $16/kW very soon, making this energy management system an investment that is sure to pay off even faster.

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Parts Of Your Home That Use The Most Energy:

  • Water Heater: 4.5KW
  • Electric Dryer: 6KW
  • Oven: 5KW
  • Spa Heater: 10-20KW
  • Stove: 2.5KW/burner
  • Pool water pump: 2KW
  • 5 Ton Heat Pump: 8KW  (15 year old heat pump: 11KW)
  • 3 Ton Heat Pump: 5.6KW (1.6 KW/ton)

The meter actually measures average power usage, adding together the values expressed above are not the way this meter would read your energy usage. For example; if you have a heat pump (5 ton) that turns on and off every 10 minutes, the average energy demand of that load would be measured as 4KW. You water heater uses around 4.5KW and has the potential to run for an hour long (APS’s high energy demand time). The main purpose of our controller is to keep your energy sucking devices from running during the hours where the energy is the most expensive.

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What Does A Load Controller Connect To?

The load controller is connected to 3 main elements; the heat pump, hot water heater, and the heating element in your clothes dryer. Our years of experience has taught us that your pool pump should only run during off peak times and that your over does even need to be plugged in.

The controller is already aware of the loads such as these and does not need to be connected to them. When demand starts to spike, the controller will shed the loads to allow use of the over. If set up correctly you won’t even notice the controller working until you see the savings on your energy bill.

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Do Load Controllers Need Maintenance?

No maintenance, once the controller is installed, it’s highly unlikely to have an issue and don’t need checkups.

How Do Load Controllers Work:

How do I know what to do?  How can I control it?

All of the collected data is automatically sent to a cloud system so you can easily log into your online account and view your usage, create your graphs quickly, and make any changes to the demand levels seasonally. Set a timer for your water heater and see a complete archive of all of the energy you have been using.

What does it track?

Every appliance, bulb, and socket in your home is recorded, and then archived into the cloud.

Sensors are placed on the main loads so they can be track and archived.

Sensors Installed On Main Electricity Loads

After being able to see the normal load usage in a graph like presentation, you will easily be able to see if your HVAC equipment is running at normal efficiency or not. If you A/C unit take longer to reach a certain temperature, you will automatically be alerted.

Different Load Controller Settings Energy Usage Phoenix

You can even track usage either is historical or real time mode, be able to see run times of loads, set the levels and priorities on your PC or laptop. Mobile app soon to come!

Simple Connection Residential Load Controller

The sensors feed the data into the Smart Panel 3000 and 30amp latching relays are where the main loads are fed into.

Pensar Load Controller

The main control box is mounted directly next to the main electrical service panel. It acquires data and sends it to the cloud so you can see it on your devices. We are currently creating a mobile app that will allow you to turn certain loads off or on, change the temperature in your home, and read history just like on the pc or laptop.

Energy Usage Graphs Load Controller Real Time Phoenix

Here is an example of one of the graphs showing energy usage in real time. If you scroll over the graph, you will see even more details about your energy usage.

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Do I Need A Load Controller?

If you would like to receive a 30% reduction on your energy bill, then yes, you do need a load controller. One of our clients had a 4 bedroom home where she saved 16k off of her APS bill in just over 12 years (that’s over 1300 per year!). Many have even saved as much as 40% off of their electricity bill will APS or SRP.

What does The Pensar Load Controller Look Like?

Below is a picture of the Pensar System 1000 (outdoor display) this unit is mounted right next to your existing breaker box

Pensar Load Controller Phoenix

This is a picture of the relay box that will be mounted to the outside of your homes control module. There are certain modes that display your maximum demand level (your choice), your current demand level, your last average hourly usage (How APS measures), highest demand point (highest peak last billing cycle), date, time, and alarm settings.

It may take some adjustments to find the demand level that best suits your lifestyle and energy usage. It may take a year or so to know how low you can actually go. We encourage our customers to look at this usage often within the first year to get the best results. You may even end up with separate settings for each time of the year (spring, summer, fall, winter) to ensure your home still stays cool and warm when it should be and saves when it already is. However, the lower your setting, the more you save.

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How Do I Get A Load Controller Installed?

Call us for a free energy audit right now to find out if installing a load controller will help you save money.  *If you have lived in your home for 1 year or more and will request a consumption report from APS (602 371 7171) or SRP (602-236-8888), it will be even easier to show you exactly how our load controller can help you. This is a free document provided by all energy providers. It’s not required for the inspection but will aid in being able to show you just how much you can save.

Please fill out the following information and one of our Energy auditors will get into touch with you within 24 hours.

  • Name:
  • Phone:
  • Address:
  • Electric Power Provider:
  • Email:
  • Sq. footage of home:
  • Single story:
  • Two Story:
  • Roof construction: (flat/tile/shingle/shake/metal):
  • Number of occupant’s full time:
  • Highest summer bill: (with demand levels if you know them):
  • A/C on roof or ground:
  • Which side of the house is your electric panel on? (N,S,E.W):
  • Best time to call to set an apt:

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