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If you just Googled “Residential Solar Panels Phoenix” while looking for solar contractors, GreenLife Energy Experts, LLC can help! 

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GreenLife Installs Residential Solar Panels In Phoenix

Installing residential solar panels in Phoenix is probably one of the smartest things you can do to save money on electricity in Arizona. Take advantage of the many hours of sunlight Phoenix, Arizona produces every year. However, you could be saving even more money if you made other energy improvements to your home first. That’s where GreenLife beats the competition everytime. 


Residential Solar Panels Installed On Flat Roof Near Phoenix
Residential Solar Panels Installed On Roof Near Phoenix, Arizona
Solar Panels Connect To Residents Roof In Phoenix
Residential Solar Panel Installation Contractor Phoenix

GreenLife Is The Best Residential Solar Company

We pride ourselves on being the best residential solar panel installation company in Phoenix because we make other energy improvements to your home before even thinking about installing solar panels. Most homes in Phoenix aren’t that energy efficient and waist a lot of electricity. So, yes you could install residential solar panels without doing these upgrades first but, you will still be paying a higher electric bill. 

TCM Radiant Barrier Can Help You Save 50% On Electricity Before Installing Solar Panels 

Most of you electricity usage is due to cooling your home, especially during the summer months. TCM can knock your cooling bill in half before installing solar panels. Then, after TCM is installed, we can set you up with a smaller solar system that costs less and works just as great. Experience 75% electricity savings by installing TCM and solar as a total package. 

Our Solar Panels + Radiant Barrier Package Costs Less Than A Large Solar System

Other solar companies in the Phoenix Valley will try to get you to install a large solar system to keep up with your electricity demand. They don’t even think about doing other energy upgrades, they just want to sell you solar. That makes since if there are only solar companies out there but luckily for you, we are more than just another solar company. We are full service energy contractors that also offer solar. For example: We had a recent customer that was offered a 7 watt solar system for $25,000. We quoted that same customer for TCM radiant barrier and solar combined which came to $21,000 and they are saving more money than just installing solar. Even the best solar panels for home use don’t stand up to our TCM + Solar combo. 

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Our Residential Solar Panel service area encompasses the entire Phoenix Metropolitan Area including: Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Fountain Hills, Peoria, Surprise, Sun City, Youngtown, Arizona cities.

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If you just Googled "Residential Solar Panels Phoenix" while looking for solar contractors, GreenLife Energy Experts, LLC can help!