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If you are searching for “solar panels Ajo“, “residential solar panels Ajo“, “solar panel installation Ajo“, “solar panel cost Ajo“, “solar companies Ajo” or “commercial solar panels Ajo” in Ajo, Arizona, Alternative Energy, LLC can help! We are residential and commercial solar installers with experience in home solar systems, residential off-grid solar power systems, commercial solar systems and more. Contact us today for a free solar panel installation quote.

We offer NO MONEY DOWN solar panel installation valley wide! We also help you find all of the solar tax credits, incentives and rebates to cover most of the cost of solar panel installation within the first couple of years.

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Ajo Residential Solar Panels

Save anywhere from 25-99% on electricity with residential solar panel installation and other home energy saving products.

Ajo homeowners can save an average of $53,000 on electricity over the next 25 years by taking advantage of solar panel installation.

Take a look at one of our recent solar installation projects in Ajo and how much our customer saved after installing solar panels with Alternative Energy, LLC.

$25,000 total solar system cost (before tax credits and rebates)

  • 30% Federal Tax Credit = $7,500
  • $1,000 Arizona State Tax Credit = $1,000
  • $11,000 Rebate/Incentive From Ajo Improvements Company

$5,500 net cost after the first year. This homeowner was spending about $2,000 a year on power so their return on investment is 2.5 years.

The Ajo improvements company is having a meeting at the end of March 2019 to discuss moving stop offering rebates and incentives as large as these so it could end very soon.

We make the solar panel installation process simple with 6 easy steps. Your residential solar panel installation happens in just 1 day! You can’t go wrong with 0 money down solar installation and fast installation.

Ajo Commercial Solar Panels

Save anywhere from 25-75% on electricity with commercial solar panel installation and other commercial energy saving products.

Commercial building owners that have installed commercial solar panels have reduced their monthly electricity bills by an average of 75%. The average commercial facility went from paying $2,000 in electricity every month to only $500 per month. That’s an average of $1,500 monthly savings. It takes an about 3-7 years to pay off your commercial solar panels so business owners can enjoy 25-35 years of free electricity.

How Much Do Ajo Solar Panels Cost?

Wondering how much solar panels cost in Ajo? Read more below. 

The average cost of solar panels in Ajo, Arizona is $14,550. Costs ranged from $12,368 to $16,732 in 2018-2019 according to EnergySage. These costs do not include the Federal Investment Tax Credit of 30% or other local incentives. The average payback period for solar panels in Ajo took 7.46 years and the average electricity savings from solar panel installation was $40,235 over a 20 year period. The average cost per watt is about $2.91 a watt. Use our solar panel cost calculator to find out your solar system size, how many solar panels you need, total system cost and estimated monthly payment.

Ajo Solar Company Comparison

What sets us apart from other solar companies in Ajo is the other energy reduction services and products we offer. Compare our offerings with our solar companies in Ajo.

We not only can handle your solar panel installation but we also offer many other energy saving products and services to help you save even more. Solar can save you a ton of electricity but we can completely wipe your electricity bill out; minus a couple fees from your utility company.

Free Ajo Solar Panel Installation Quotes

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