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Are you searching Google for Solar Panels Surprise AZ or Solar Companies, then Alternative Energy, LLC is the #1 Solar Installer for you!

We provide more than just (Residential & Commercial) solar panel installation, we are a full-service energy contractor offering many electricity saving solutions for homeowners and business owners including: Residential & Commercial Solar Panels, The Best Radiant Barrier Technology, Residential Load Controllers and many other types of energy solutions.

Call us today at (480) 744-1803 or click here to receive your free home energy audit in Surprise and find out if solar panels are right for you  or what other energy solution(s) would work best for your individual type of home or business.

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Solar Panel Installation Surprise, AZ

We offer solar panel installation for homes and businesses in the Surprise, Peoria, Sun City, and other East Valley Cities in the state of Arizona.

Install Solar Before It’s Too Late!

Get grandfathered for the next 20 years! This is what the letter said that was sent out to APS customers last year.

We have important information to share with our customers who plan to install rooftop solar systems. On June 1, 2016, we filed a proposal with the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) to change how our rates are structured. If approved, these changes could impact future rooftop solar customers, but you will not be impacted.

We have proposed that current rooftop solar customers be “grandfathered” for 20 years. Though your solar system is not yet tied to the electrical grid, we have proposed a way for you to still be eligible for grandfathering if you meet the following criteria: Your signed installer contract and your interconnection application, including all required design documents, are accepted by APS by July 1, 2017. Your system is installed within 180 days of reservation approval.

Residents Of Surprise Can Save Big On Electricity  

Alternative Energy, LLC helps customers upgrade their house while helping them find additional ways to save. Nearly every solar company in the Phoenix valley is going to try to sell you an overpriced, oversized solar system that won’t solve your real energy problem. That’s where Alternative Energy, LLC comes in! Alternative Energy, LLC will come in and show you how to solve all the homes energy problems causing your high energy bills in the first place, and then we will offer you a small solar system if it’s needed. It’s actually possible that we can save you 20-50% on electricity in Surprise, Arizona without even installing solar panels.

For example: A typical solar quote will run you around $35,000 from just about any Solar installer in the Surprise area but Alternative Energy, LLC. We have access to larger networks of solar panel distributors and can get you a better quote on solar installation than any other installer in the Valley. Plus, we offer more than just solar so if we notice an opportunity where you could benefit from one of our other energy products, we will offer that first. Solar just makes electricity cheaper, Alternative Energy, LLC helps you save from ever even using it. These home upgrades will make every room in your house the same temperature, extending the life of your roof and doubling the life of your air conditioning unit!

Free Energy Audits In Surprise | Think You Need Solar?

Don’t waste your time calling insulation contractors, solar companies and other energy experts. None of them offer as many energy solutions as Alternative Energy, LLC. That’s because we have the largest network of energy experts in the industry capable of saving homeowners and business owners 1,000’s every year. We do offer commercial and residential solar installations but we would rather offer you a free energy audit to show you how much you can save before installing solar panels. We have energy products that can help you save 20-50% on electricity without installing solar panels.

Solar Installation Financing Options

We have multiple solar financing options that will allow homeowners or business owners to pay off their solar systems any way they like. We offer the best solar financing available, the highest rated loan agents in the industry and a variety of terms to fit your needs. Also view solar tax rebates & incentives.

  • Solar Financing
  • 20 Year Solar Lease
  • Personal Solar Financing
  • Same As Cash Solar

Residential Solar Panels Surprise, AZ

Every homeowner in Surprise is looking for ways to save more money on electricity. Installing (Photovoltaics) solar panels on your house is one of smartest ways to save on electricity in such a sunny state like Arizona.

6 out of 10 houses in the Surprise, Arizona area rely on home’s electricity for their main source of heating and cooling. That’s why Alternative Energy, LLC’s specialty is, we help decrease your heating and cooling costs with our other energy solutions while also giving you products like solar panels to help you consume electricity at a cheaper rate.

Alternative Energy, LLC Energy provides the lowest solar panel installation cost due to the fact that we make other important home improvements first. This allow the homeowner to purchase a small solar system that costs less money.

Facts About Solar In Arizona 

The EIA states that the price of (residential) electricity is $12.50 per kWh, which is definitely lower than the national residential average of $12.90 per kWh.

Only about 9% of Arizona’s residential electricity is created by a renewable resource. Join other Arizonian’s that have gone solar to make Arizona the #1 solar state. Arizona is currently ranked #3 for “best US states for residential solar energy” says NerdWallet.

Commercial Solar Panels Surprise, AZ

Commercial facilities such as: industrial buildings, retirement homes, apartment building, educational institutions, churches, and government agencies need to keep their costs low. Commercial solar panels will help lower the costs of your outrageous cooling and heating bills but our other energy solutions are where you are really going to save.

Do you have large electric bills due to operating heavy machinery 24/7 or heating large amounts of water on a regular basis? Do you have industrial operations that run non-stop, round the clock or have large spikes in energy usage during busy or hot months? Do you have investors you have to answer to and budgets you need to meet? If you answer yes to any of the above questions, you should consider commercial solar panels but most importantly, you need to call us asap. We may be able to save you more money without having to install a single solar panel. We offer a host of energy solutions that can save you an incredible amount of money for your facility every year.

For Example: For companies that have high electric bills due of heating water at a laundromat for instance, we can set you up with a solar water heater that will having your heating your water at a fraction of the cost of utility electricity. Furthermore, commercial solar panels can offset your facility’s need for electricity usage during the day time and highest-cost kilowatt hours and then switch back to the grid when electricity rates are down again.

So, whether you own an assisted living facility, shopping mall, warehouse, or a manufacturing facility, and given your property has the right amount of space to install solar panels, solar electricity can provide the power needed to operate a variety of businesses no matter how long or when you conduct your operations.

Commercial Applications:

We provide commercial solar installation for all types of commercial and industrial facilities listed below and more. Give us a call if you have questions or do not see your type of commercial facility listed below.

  • Retirement Homes (Assisted Living Facilities, Memory Care Facilities, Independent Living Facilities)
  • Shopping Outlets & Malls
  • Grocery & Convienient Stores (Fry’s, Costco, Bashes)
  • Hospitals and Medical Offices
  • Apartment & Condos
  • Warehouses
  • Commercial Facilities
  • Industrial Facilities

Types Of Sytems We Install

The types of commercial and industrial roofing systems that work great for installing solar panels.

  • Flat Rooftop Solar Panels
  • Slanted Rooftop Solar Panels
  • Carport Solar Panels
  • Tracker Solar Panels
  • On-Ground Solar Panels
  • Artistic Solar Panels
  • Utility Scale Solar Panels

What kind of solar does my company need?

Schedule your 100% commercial solar panel installation audit with Alternative Energy, LLC today by calling us at (480) 744-1803. Our expert team of solar panel engineers and designers will visit your home or facility to take measurements to determine whether installing residential or commercial solar panels is the best option or if one of our other energy solutions benefit you more. We make the whole energy process super simple from the initial free consultation and exploring solar financing options, to solar panel installation and on-site construction, making it a breeze for you, your family or your organization.

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How Much Does it Cost to Install Solar Panels in Surprise, AZ?

Wondering how much solar panels cost in Surprise? Read more below.

The average cost to install solar panels in Surprise, AZ is $14,350. Surprise solar panel costs ranged from $12,198 to $16,502 in 2018-2019 according to EnergySage. These estimated costs do not include the Federal Investment Tax Credit of 30% or other local solar incentives. The average solar payback period for solar in Surprise took about 7.20 years. The average solar energy savings from solar panel installation was about $46,719 over a 20 year period. The average cost per watt is $2.87 a watt. This study above included installation of a 5kw solar system, a slightly smaller than the average system size for a home in Surprise.