Garage Cooling System

If you are searching for “garage cooling that works” in Arizona, Alternative Energy can help! Altnerative Energy, LLC is a garage cooling company offering professional garage cooling services in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Fountain Hills, Cave Creek, Care Free, and the entire state of Arizona. Contact us today for an affordable garage cooling estimate!

We’ve designed the best garage cooling system money can buy! The best garage cooling system includes:

  1. Install Garage Attic Insulation
  2. Install Garage Door Insulation
  3. Install Garage AC Unit

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Install Garage Attic Insulation

Garage Attic Insulation

Garage insulation is important if you want to keep all of that hot air out and cool air inside your garage. Not only that but garage door insulation is also a “must have” if you want to keep your energy bills low while still using a garage cooling system.

Cost: Installing garage radiant barrier will cost you $500 for a one car garage and about $800 for a two car garage. In general, it costs about $2 per sq ft to install garage radiant barrier.

Install Garage Door Insulation

Garage Door Insulation

We offer the best garage door insulation money can buy with our patented insulation product called (SRX) SuperReflex. SRX is the most versatile insulation product in the world capable of nearly any insulation application (residential, commercial or industrial). Your garage insulation will keep all of the cool air in and all the hot air out. Your mini-split system will work more efficiently and save money on electricity.

Cost: Installing garage door insulation costs about $300 for a single bay one car garage (single bay) , $600 for a two car garage (double bay), and $900 for a tripple car garage (triple bay).

Install Garage Air Conditioning Unit


The only solution left is to call the garage air conditioning professionals. We can professionally install a mini-split system in your garage that will keep your space cooler than any portable unit will ever do. We have multiple different system sizes that will work for any garage square footage.

Cost: Installing a ductless air conditioner for your garage can cost anywhere from $2500 for a one car garage, $3,000 for a two car garage, all the up to $4,000 for the some of the really nicer units.

The Ultimate Garage Cooling System

Our ultimate garage cooling system includes installing all 3 of our garage cooling products including:

  • Garage radiant barrier: $500-$800
  • Garage door insulation: $300-$900
  • Ductless garage air conditioner: $2,500-$4,000

*This is not an actual quote for your garage. Please contact to get an actual estimate for your garage.

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