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If you are searching for solar companies in Litchfield Park to help with solar panel installation, Alternative Energy, LLC can help! We are a residential and commercial solar panel installation company serving Litchfield Park, Arizona with affordable home solar systems, solar panel systems, commercial solar power systems and more. Contact us today for a free solar panel installation estimate. 

We are #1 for Litchfield Park Solar Panels because we offer $0 DOWN solar panel installation! We also help you find all of the Arizona solar incentives, tax credits and rebates to cover most of the cost of solar installation within the first couple years.

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Litchfield Park Residential Solar Panels 

Save anywhere from 25-99% on electricity with residential solar panel installation and other home energy saving products.

Solar Energy Systems make it easy for homeowners to save a ton of money. Litchfield Park homeowners who install solar panels can save an avg of $53,000 on electricity over the next 25 years. 

We make the solar panel installation process easy with 6 simple steps. Your home solar panel installation happens in just one day! You can’t go wrong with now money down solar installation and quick installation. 

The average homeowner in Litchfield needs about a 6 kilowatt solar system to cover their electricity consumption. The average cost of a 6kW solar system in Litchfield Park, Arizona is about $18,100 before rebates and tax credits.

Litchfield Park Commercial Solar Panels 

Save anywhere from 25-75% on electricity with commercial solar panel installation and other commercial energy saving products.

Commercial building owners that have installed commercial solar panels have reduced their monthly electricity bills by an average of 75%. The average commercial facility went from paying $2,000 in electricity every month to only $500 per month. That’s an average of $1,500 monthly savings. It takes an about 3-7 years to pay off your commercial solar panels so business owners can enjoy 25-35 years of free electricity.

Litchfield Park Solar Financing Options

We offer many solar financing options in Litchfield Park. Find affordable solar panel installation financing below.

Our same as cash options allow you to pay off your solar panel installation in 6, 12, or 18 months with $0 interest and no down payment. You can also choose to finance your solar panel installation so that you still receive the 30% federal solar tax credit and $1,000 Arizona tax credit. Those who choose to lease solar panels do not receive tax credits or incentives. It is very important that you either but your solar panels outright or finance the system to pay it off completely. Most solar companies will try to get you to lease your solar panels so they can get your solar tax incentives.  

How Much Do Litchfield Park Solar Panels Cost?

Wondering how much solar panels cost in Litchfield Park? Read more below. 

The average cost of solar panels in Litchfield Park, Arizona is $14,350. Costs ranged from $12,198 to $16,502 in 2018-2019 according to EnergySage. These costs do not include the Federal Investment Tax Credit of 30% or other local incentives. The average payback period for solar panels in Litchfield Park took 7.62 years and the average electricity savings from solar panel installation was $49,166 over a 20 year period. The average cost per watt is about $2.87 a watt. This study included installation of a 5kw solar system, a slighty smaller than the average system size. 

Litchfield Park Solar Company Comparison

What sets us apart from other solar companies in Litchfield Park is the other energy reduction services and products we offer. Compare our offerings with our solar companies in Litchfield Park. 

We not only can handle your solar panel installation but we also offer many other energy saving products and services to help you save even more. Solar can save you a ton of electricity but we can completely wipe your electricity bill out; minus a couple fees from your utility company.

Free Litchfield Park Solar Panel Installation Quotes 

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