We offer the best available solar financing, with the highest rated lenders in the industry and a variety of terms to fit your needs.

  • (650+ FICO)
  • 25 year manufacturer warranty on system.
  • Perfect balance of short term and long term savings.
  • You own the System.
  • Financing company absorbs tax credit to give you a low monthly payment.
  • Increase your home value when you sell or Sign over the loan to next homeowner.
  • Available Terms:*
  • $0 down   12 year 1.9%
  • $0 down  20 year 3.9%

*New terms becoming available soon.


  • (650+FICO)
  • Largest monthly savings today.
  • $0 Down  2.9% annual payment increase.*
  • Low monthly payment.
  • No liability for system.
  • Guaranteed and warrantied performance and hardware.
  • If selling your home the new home buyer would pass credit, assume the lease and start the program over.

*there is a 0% annual Payment increase plan upon request but additional charge may apply.


Largest Long Term Savings!

The customer may option to finance the entire system cost through personal means (i.e. Cash, Bank, lender, 401k, HELOC etc.)

  • 25 year manufacturer warranty on system.
  • Personal system monitoring available.
  • 30% Federal Tax credit of gross system cost.
  • $1,000 Arizona Tax credit.


  • (580+ FICO + Income)
  • 6, 12, or 18 month payoff.
  • No payments.
  • No interest.
  • No Down payment.