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Radiant Barrier Quotes

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*Just so you know – This page is about 4,000 words proving how awesome SRX is (infographics, graphs, comparisons, reviews). We suggest you use the page jumps provided below to guide you to the topic or question you are interested in the most. Trust us, it is worth a read, this product is actually life changing! Save yourself the trouble and give us a call now at (480) 744-1803 to save 25-99% on your electricity bill (seriously).


What is radiant barrier insulation? Radiant barrier insulation is a highly reflective material – usually a reflective foil – that reflects heat and reduces the amount of heat gain in your home, thus reducing your heating and cooling costs.

How does radiant barrier work? Radiant barrier works by reducing the amount of heat that enters your home through the attic. They reduce the amount of radiant heat that transfers to the underside of the roof. Radiant barriers are usually installed with an attic fan to get rid of the remaining heat left in the attic space.

How Much Money Can Radiant Barrier Save? Studies show that installing radiant barrier in your home can reduce your cooling costs by an average of 15% – especially when used in warm climates like Arizona.

Enjoy 25-99% Savings On Electricity W/ Radiant Barrier (SRX) & Other Upgrades


Start Saving Day 1 & Feel The Temperature Difference Immediately After Installation


The Homeowners Choice Of Saving 25%, 50%, 75% or 99% On Your Electricity Bill Guaranteed!


No Money Down Financing – No Matter Which One Of Our Energy Packages You Select


We Offer Many Financing Options So You Don’t Have To Deal With Banks Or Financing Companies


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We Are The Only Company In The Phoenix Valley That Offers Up To 99% Guaranteed Savings


Arizona Minimal Energy Reduction Package (Cut your electricity bill down by 25%)

  • (SRX) SuperReflex
  • Active Ventilation System
  • Wifi Thermostat(s)
  • 30a program timers
  • Personal home energy monitoring
  • High Reflective Window Film on South side
  • 1 Ductless Zone Cooling/heating Mini A/C Split
  • LED lighting package for entire home
  • Tubular Skylight
  • Solar Powered Energy System


Arizona Basic Energy Reduction Package (Cut your electricity bills in half. Save 50%)

  • (SRX) SuperReflex
  • Active Ventilation System
  • Wifi Thermostat(s)
  • 30a program timers
  • Personal home energy monitoring
  • High Reflective Window Film on South side
  • 1 Ductless Zone Cooling/heating Mini A/C Split
  • LED lighting package for entire home
  • Tubular Skylight
  • Solar Powered Energy System


Arizona Extreme Energy Reduction Package (Cut your electricity bills down by 75%)

  • (SRX) SuperReflex
  • Active Ventilation System
  • Wifi Thermostats
  • 30a program timers
  • Personal home energy monitoring
  • High Reflective Window Film on South side
  • 2 Ductless Zone Cooling/heating Mini A/C Splits
  • LED lighting package for entire home
  • Tubular Skylight
  • Solar Powered Energy System


Arizona Total Energy Reduction Package (Cut your electricity bills down by 99%)

  • (SRX) SuperReflex
  • Active Ventilation System
  • Wifi Thermostats
  • 30a program timers
  • Personal home energy monitoring
  • High Reflective Window Film on South side
  • 1 Ductless Zone Cooling/heating Mini A/C Split
  • LED lighting package for entire home
  • Tubular Skylight
  • Solar Powered Energy System

We Install The Best Radiant Barrier In The World (SRX)

Best All Around Reflective Insulation Product Available Today!

How can we say we offer the “Best Insulation In The World? It’s simple, no other energy improvement or insulation contractor can offer what we offer! Their products don’t work, or at least not as good as ours (See the case studies below). The second their radiant barrier product starts picking up dust, it immediately starts losing it reflective/heat blocking potential.

We solved that problem with our SRX (SuperReflex) product! It’s basically the same thing as attic radiant barrier but far more effective, comes with a lifetime guarantee to at least save you 25-50% on electricity and does the unthinkable, KEEPS EVERY ROOM IN YOUR HOME THE SAME TEMPERATURE!

Not one AC contractor, insulation contractor or solar energy equipment supplier can guarantee that either!! Read more about our incredible new alternative radiant barrier product that is taking over the insulation industry by storm.

Best Radiant Barrier System

The reasons why SRX is the best radiant barrier system in the world include:

  • Our radiant barrier product had emissivity rating of 0.2, the lowest emissivity rating in the world!
  • SuperReflex IS MORE THAN A RADIANT BARRIER Its Thermal.
  • SRX has the lowest meaured emissivity of any reflective radiant barrier product.
  • Dust accumulation has no effect on the lifetime performance of SRX
  • The most effective attic insulation in the world for hot or cold climates
  • The only radiant barrier with a lifetime performance warranty!
  • Rather than resist the flow of heat like conventional fibrous insulation, SRX changes the direction of heat.
  • Lower energy consumption in most cases 20-55%
  • Doubles the life of the HVAC equipment
  • The reduced heat gain may even allow for a smaller air conditioning system.
  • Increases comfort of home forever
  • The surface facing out is extremely reflective and effectively rejects 97% of the heat hitting it. (insert highly reflective image of SRX)
  • Keeps heat in just as effectively in cold climates.
  • Think of SRX as a flexible Thermos Bottle.

Radiant Barrier Installation in Phoenix, AZ & Valleywide

We not only offer installation of the best radiant barrier insulation in Phoenix, Arizona, but we install the best radiant barrier foil in the entire Valley including:

(Phoenix East Valley Cities)




Fountain Hills




(Phoenix West Valley Cities)

Fountain Hills



Sun City


El Mirage


Soon to be the entire world!

Read our Radiant Barrier Reviews & Testimonials left by happy customers of Alternative Energy, LLC.

SRX RADIANT BARRIER can save you 25-50% on electricity by itself, and when combined with our premium energy products can save you up to 99% on electricity! No other radiant barrier contractor in Phoenix or anywhere else in the Valley can guarantee you any form of electricity savings because current attic radiant barrier doesn’t work, or at least not as GREAT as SRX and our other home energy solutions do!

With that being said, we will soon be taking over the insulation industry in the Phoenix Metropolitan area and the rest of the entire world! STOP AND READ THIS FIRST before you even speak to another insulation contractor in your area. Call us now! (480) 744-1803 or click here to receive a free energy audit.

Energy Saving Technology Hasn’t Been Updated In The Past 50 Years Until Now!

We hold the ONLY PATENT to a revolutionary radiant barrier alternative system called (SRX). SRX can save you 25-50% on electricity, and when combined with our premium energy products can save you up to 99% on electricity!

SRX (SuperReflex) is lifetime guaranteed and works 3 times better than current radiant barrier technology.

*For homeowners who already have energy upgrades such as energy efficient windows, insulation, radiant barrier or any other energy improvements, we can save you as much as 25-50% more than you are currently saving. We may even have better solutions than the energy products you are already benefiting from. See below for more details.

Alternative Energy, LLC is a full-service energy contractor, offering new and patented energy products including: The best attic radiant barrier (SRX), ductless ac units, motor driven and solar attic fans, spray foam insulation, residential load controllers, solar panels and more. Have a question? Give us a call today, fill out our short contact form or receive a free energy quote below.

What Is (SRX) Explained

What Is SuperReflex (SRX)?

Introducing SRX “SuperReflex”: A New proprietary attic radiant barrier alternative product that is effective at changing the direction of heat in hot climates like Phoenix, Arizona. SRX modifies your existing attic insulation to prevent the “Sweater Effect” that stores infrared heat from a roof that is very hot.

This is SuperReflex (SRX), the most effective radiant barrier, attic insulation alternative for cold and hot climates, that comes with a lifetime performance warranty.

Our SRX is better than radiant barrier and can save you up to 50% off of your heating and cooling costs.

SRX Saves 25-50% On Electricity Guaranteed | Radiant Barrier Contractors Can’t Say That!

SRX has an unconditional, lifetime, money back guarantee that you save 25-50% on electricity! And that’s only with installing SRX…

You can actually save 75-99% on electricity by taking advantage of our gold or platinum home energy package. If you are not completely satisfied with any of our innovative energy conservation products, simply return them for a full refund no questions asked.

Recent university studies prove the performance. If you are shopping for a radiant barrier or reflective insulation system, ask for the validated testing, a performance warranty/guarantee and if it works when covered in dust? We have case studies, university testing, and material testing data that proves our radiant barrier alternative is the best on the market, has the lowest emissivity rating in the world and comes with a lifetime guarantee!

SuperReflex (SRX), is the only available dust proof thermal radiant barrier. Our SRX Radiant Barrier is an extremely effective way to increase comfort, reduce energy consumption and keep rising energy bills in check. SRX was chosen to be installed on ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover for the Yazee family in Pinion Arizona. SRX has allowed multiple architects to win awards for the efficiency of their projects.

Additional Benefits of SRX Protect your electronics and family from EMFs:

Faraday Protection

All SRX products offer excellent Faraday protection which protects sensitive electronic and computer-based equipment from EMP or unwanted electromagnetic fields.

Off Peak Load Shifting

By pre-cooling a home (in hot climates) and shutting off the a/c when expensive on peak hours start, significant reductions in energy costs can be obtained. Conventional insulation cannot stop the influx of heat during on-peak hours and by 3 pm the attic heat has reached the ceiling.

SRX keeps the insulation much cooler which allows the a/c system to be turned off and “coast” until Off-Peak times starts (typically 7pm or 8pm).

Major Demand Reduction

With the air conditioning off during On-Peak hours (this is the only time demand is charged), and an inexpensive water heater timer to keep the 5kw hot water tank from running during On-Peak times, the cost of an expensive load controller can be averted and in reality, have lower demands than with a residential load controller (which we offer too by the way).

SRX is the Most versatile thermal insulation product in the world. Designed for whatever application you see fit on your home.

SRX’s Residential & Commercial Insulation Applications

  • 26″ Wide – Use between trusses (now available with perforations for cold climates)
  • 48″ Wide – Use on walls (sunny climates)
  • 54″ Wide – Use in steel buildings
  • 48″ Wide Reinforced – Use for wrapping flexible and steel ducts. SRX is cut to fit your applications so waste is minimal.

*Alternative Energy, LLC “Power Solar Phoenix” is now offering a product that is superior to radiant barrier, called SRX (SuperReflex). Made in the USA, SRX is the best residential and commercial radiant barrier solution that saves you more money works for multiple applications (Residential, Commercial, & Industrial), and comes with a lifetime guarantee! SRX’s “reflective insulation barrier” applications include Homes (Walls, Attic Insulation), New Construction (Wall Insulation), Auto Shops, Retirement Homes, Apartment Complexes, Building Construction, Home Construction, Garage Doors, Roof Underlayment and more.

Home Radiant Barrier Applications

Residential: Increases Air Conditioner Efficiency

Explained: Ever wonder why the back rooms of your home are so warm even when the air conditioner is turned on? When your air conditioner turns on, it releases 55-degree cold air into your air ducts. Now, during the hottest days of the summer in Phoenix, without any kind of insulation around your air ducts, the air ducts can get up to 200 degrees in your attic. This ends up heating up the air that is coming out of your ducts, leaving your with 75 degree air that is coming out in your back rooms.

Radiant Barrier Alternative For A/C Units

Not only will our product reflect sun rays during the hot Arizona summers, but it will also keep your ducts cooler. Your A/C unit pumps cool air through your air ducts. The sun heats penetrate through your attic and heats those ducts up making your air come out warmer.

We can wrap your air ducts with the same (SRX) thermal control membrane to keep your air ducts up to 30 degrees cooler. This means that your home get cooler faster, and stay cooler longer due to SRX reflecting the heat away from your ducts and in your attic.

SRX Is A Better Wall Insulation Than Spray Foam

If your new construction home doesn’t look like the example above before the siding is applied, your most likely paying too much for insulation. The SRX product shown above wraps the walls and roofs of new homes to allow for up to 50% reduction in the size of heat pumps needed. (7 tons vs. 14 tons).

For Insulating in colder climates, SRX-6 needs to installed behind the sheetrock as an effective heat barrier and vapor barrier.

Works As An Efficient Roofing Underlayment System

SRX actually works as a super efficient roofing underlayment system. It’s reflective qualities do an incredible job at reflecting the suns heat while keep the inside of your home cool. This will help with saving you money on heating and cooling costs. This is also an affordable option for roofers who want to offer roofing systems with increases heating and cooling savings.

SRX can be used as an underlayment system for flat roofing systems, shingle roofing systems, tile roofing systems and more.

Commercial Radiant Barrier Insulation

SRX also works for commercial radiant barrier insulation! SRX can also be installed on the walls and ceilings of a commercial building, automotive shops, metal buildings, sheds and more. The SRX will change the way your cool and heat your shops forever!

Even Works As A Better Commercial Insulation

Our most recent addition to our SRX product line is Multi-Layered SRX membrane with flat black reinforced bottom membrane. It can be stapled to prevent falling down like other radiant barrier products that are not reinforced.

Commercial Radiant Barrier Applications

This is the best insulation for any type of residential or commercial construction. It can adhere to nearly any surface with simple nails or staples. This is an example of a SRX user using our product to air condition a steel building in Phoenix. No insulation used at all, only our SRX product. Insulation is inferior because it can only resist HEAT FLOW, SRX completely changes the direction of the heat altogether. Would you rather install an inferior product in your new construction build, remodel, home addition, room addition or other?

Common Radiant Barrier Problems

Even The Best Insulation Doesn’t Stand Up To SRX

The Problems With Radiant Barrier Insulation technology include: Dust build up and Heat flow.

Read this testimonial from a customer in New Mexico who installed the best insulation available in the industry only to still be stuck with high cooling and heating costs.

“I have a house in New Mexico and I’m at my wits’ end. I’ve had a lot of insulation work done in my attic and it’s now R-50, but the house is still incredibly uncomfortable in summer. In fact, after adding 10″ of fiberglass to the attic floor and radiant barrier, I spent more money on cooling than I did during the prior summer, and the house was much less comfortable, too.” Nate C.

Resist Heat Flow VS. Change Direction Of Heat

As you can see, Nate still can’t keep his home cool for an affordable price, even with the best R-50 insulation and radiant barrier in the industry. This is because traditional insulation only uses technology that resists heat flow rather than changing the direction of the heat (like SRX does), which is a much better solution.

Why Radiant Barrier Loses Efficiency

A little unknown fact in the insulation industry is that radiant barrier can build up dust, preventing it from working as it should. That’s true, current radiant barrier installers use only a single layer of reflective material to resist heat flow. Once this layer is contaminated with dust, especially in the Arizona desert where dust is a major factor, it loses is heat blocking efficiency basically leaving it worthless.

Most Common Problems With Radiant Barrier

  • No reported affect on AC unit life
  • No reported affect on lifetime comfort of the home
To be effective, the reflective surface must face an air space. MOST DON’T MEET THIS REQUIREMENT

Dust accumulation on the reflective surface will reduce its reflective capability.

The radiant barrier should be installed in a manner to minimize dust accumulation on the reflective surface.


As you see, radiant barrier isn’t that great at reflecting hot and cold temperature once dust has an opportunity to settle on the product.

SRX Never Loses Efficiency Guaranteed!

Our radiant barrier alternative SRX solution will never lose its efficiency, GUARANTEED! Read more below.

Our Solution To Radiant Barrier

SRX Changes The Direction Of Heat Altogether

SRX not only resists the flow of heat similar to the way fibrous insulation does but, actually changes the direction of the heat altogether and works extremely well to keep your home cooler! SRX completely changes the direction of heat to keep more heat out of your home or business attic.

SRX is a Multi-layered, thin reflective material that is extremely effective at controlling heat flow. What this means for you is: a cooler attic that makes your A/C work more efficiently, air vents that produce cooler air and utility bills that come with a lower cost. Most insulation only has a resistance to heat (R-Value) but can still retain heat. Our SRX radiant barrier is rated with E-Value, meaning it resists heat and doesn’t retain it.

Only Radiant Barrier That Never Loses Efficiency

Only the reflective barrier insulation from Alternative Energy, LLC “Power Solar Phoenix”, has multiple layers of air space between each layer of radiant barrier material. This is why our product is so much better than other radiant barrier products. This air space keeps the product from losing its efficiency once covered with dust. Most radiant barrier products only come with 1 layer, and once that layer is covered with dust, it loses its heat blocking efficiency. Our Patented SRX product (Radiant Barrier Replacement) will “never lose its efficiency” and we put a lifetime guarantee behind that statement!

How SRX Can Help You

Benefits of SRX (SuperReflex)

Here are some of the Benefits of our radiant barrier solutions:

  • Your A/C will use far less energy to cool the home and the home will stay cool longer
  • Can be used to wrap A/C units (& air ducts) to keep the entire home the same temperature
  • Can be used for residential, commercial, industrial and new construction applications
  • The Furnace will heat faster and keep your home or business warmer longer
  • More comfortable living all year around
  • Can be installed over your existing insulation, no need for insulation removal
  • Options of 40, 75 & 99% savings on utility bills guaranteed
  • Smaller Carbon Footprint
  • All rooms of your home will be cooled and heated the same temperature

After Installing (SRX) Our Radiant Barrier Alternative

Well, I finally received my highest APS bill for the year in August 2008. September actually dropped from August and same month LAST year was $658.00, THIS year…..$330.00!!!!!! Absolutely amazing! That’s almost half! You told me that I could expect to be even MORE comfortable in my home, saving energy and money at the same time, but this is over-the-top! I could not be happier, only wish I’d found out about you a couple of years earlier. Hope all is well on your end, please feel free to use my endorsement anytime, anywhere. Homeowners and Businesses alike NEED to know about this technology! Get Cracking!

As you see, radiant barrier isn’t that great at reflecting hot and cold temperature once dust has an opportunity to settle on the product.

Our SRX is better than radiant barrier and can save you up to 50% (30% more than other radiant barrier contractors) off of your heating and cooling costs.

SRX Vs. Other Radiant Barrier Systems Efficiency

  • Definition: Radiant barriers are installed in homes — usually in attics — primarily to reduce summer heat gain and reduce cooling costs. The barriers consist of a highly reflective material that reflects radiant heat rather than absorbing it.
  • Most common insulation materials work by slowing conductive heat flow and — to a lesser extent — convective heat flow. Radiant barriers and reflective insulation systems work by reducing radiant heat gain.
  • Some studies show that radiant barriers can reduce cooling costs only 5% to 10% when used in a warm, sunny climate. SRX can save you up to 50% on your electric bill. Although, radiant barrier installation costs are lower than SRX, radiant barriers savings don’t even come close.
  • In cool climates, however, it’s usually more cost-effective to install more thermal insulation than to add a radiant barrier. https://energy.gov/energysaver/radiant-barriers
  • “They don’t, however, reduce heat conduction like thermal insulation materials.”

Radiant Barrier Cost vs Savings for Phoenix, AZ Homeowners

Installing our SRX radiant barrier system in Phoenix, Arizona can save homeowners upwards of $20,000 over the next 25 years. Installing other types of radiant barrier will only save you an average 12% to 15% or $9,000 on heating and cooling bills in Phoenix, AZ.

On average, professional attic radiant barrier in Phoenix costsabout $300 to $1,200 and can save you $9,000 over the next 25 years. SRX radiant barrier insulation & perks costs $3,950 and can save you $20,000 over the next 25 years. See more about radiant barrier costs on our cost vs savings guide.

Solar energy and SRX, the perfect “therm-o-couple” can save you thousands. It’s common to see 25% – %50 decreases in the overall monthly energy costs for homes that install our SRX system and just a few small energy upgrades. Choose to install solar and you can reduce your electricity bill by 100%. These savings include heating and cooling costs in both warm and cold climates.

Furthermore, not only can the layers of SRX stop the dust problem, but the multiple layers of reflective surfaces facing each other are what keeps this product working no matter how must dust is present.

This sheet form can be installed in home attics without being affected by dust accumulation. This is because SRX uses multiple layers of RBS material, sandwiched together, with tiny air spaces in between them. This creates a barrier between the reflective surfaces and dust to keep this product working at 100% efficiency no matter how much dust is present. New homes that have SRX installed in the walls and ceiling must reduce the HVAC sizing by 50%.

Lifetime Warranty

Our Radiant Barrier Alternative Comes With a LIFETIME WARRANTY

SRX is the only radiant barrier product that prevents performance degradation to dust and the only reflective insulation product that comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY! Make sure the radiant barrier product you choose, has a performance warranty. Dust is a killer for most radiant barrier products, except SRX. What’s the point in installing an inferior type of radiant barrier when it’s just going to lost its efficiency. We guarantee our product never loses its efficiency due to the way it designed and manufactured to withstand dust.

Schedule Your Radiant Barrier Installation in Phoenix, AZ or Receive a Home Energy Audit

Radiant Barrier Quotes

Click here to receive your free home energy audit or give us a call at (480) 744-1803 to see if SRX “best radiant barrier insulation is right for your residential or commercial radiant barrier application. Get a free radiant barrier quote by filling out our contact form or calling the number above. Our radiant barrier installation service area encompasses the entire Phoenix Metropolitan Area including: Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Fountain Hills, Peoria, Surprise, Sun City, Youngtown, Arizona cities.