Arizona makes going solar more affordable than ever. Check out all of the Arizona solar tax credits, rebates and incentives:

1. Residential Arizona Solar Tax Credit

The Residential Arizona Solar Tax Credit gives you back 25% of the cost of your solar panel installation, up to $1,000, off of your income tax return in the first year you install the system“, according to EnergySage. Read more about the  Residential Solar and Wind Energy Systems Tax Credit here.

2. Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit

The Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit or (ITC) will help you save another 30% off your solar panel installation and can be deducted from your federal income tax return. This credit can only be used by customers who choose cash pay solar or a solar loan and have enough income for the credit to make since. Read more about Solar investment tax credit.

3. Arizona Solar and Wind Equipment Sales Tax Exemption

If you buy a solar system for you home, you will be exempt from sales tax. That’s pretty big savings when you pay so much to get your solar panels installed. You also won’t have to pay any property tax. “Arizona provides a sales tax exemption* for the retail sale of solar energy devices and for the installation of solar energy devices by contractors.” DSIRE

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