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Solar Carports and canopies help reduce your commercial energy costs. Furthermore, they also enhance your commercial real estate value and display your dedication to sustainability. With Alternative Energy, LLC backed by SUNPOWER®, you can be sure you solar carport installation goes off without a hitch.

If you are searching for solar carport manufacturers or installers in Arizona, Alternative Energy can help! Altnerative Energy, LLC is a residential and commercial solar carport installer offering professional parking lot solar panel installation in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Fountain Hills, Cave Creek, Care Free, and the entire state of Arizona. Contact us today for an affordable solar carport estimate!

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What is a solar carport?

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Solar carports, also known as solar canopies, carport solar panels, or parking lot solar panels; are overhead canopies designed to cover parking areas. Garage and parking lot rooftops offer the perfect space for installing commercial solar energy systems. Solar has proven to be a great choice for businesses and parking facilities for a number of reasons including providing shade and reducing heat islands.

Furthermore, with the increase of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations being installed in many garages and parking lots, energy expenses have increased as well. Solar photovoltaics parking lots are a great solution for commercial building owners and parking lot facility owners who are looking to save money on electricity and counteract increases in energy usage.

How Much Do Solar Carports Cost vs Save?

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On average, commercial solar carports cost about 3.67 per watt to install. The average system size is about 11.3 kW and the leading brand of solar panels is LG according to Energy Sage.

The economics of your solar canopy will rely on how much you pay for electricity and the size of your solar system. Solar canopies can help you save even more if your facility uses a lot of electricity when demand charges are at their highest. You can drastically lower your electric bill by using solar energy during those peak hours. Learn more about solar carport costs.

Tax Breaks and Return on Solar Investment

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Businesses in Arizona that install solar carports can write off the cost of solar though (MARCRS) which can help reduce your tax burden and speed up your ROI. According to Energy Sage, “Qualified solar energy equipment is eligible for a cost recovery period of five years. Accelerated depreciation can reduce your net system cost by an additional 30 percent.”

Solar Carport Case Studies

Santa Cruz saves about $73,000 worth of electricity per year and meats about 50% to 74% of the electricity consumption. They will save over $4,000,000 over the next 25 years. Read More

The Santa Barabara County Housing Authority saves about $1,085,000 worth of electricity per year with solar canopies. This meets about 75% to 99% of their electricity usage. The gross cost of their system was $13,800,0000 before their rebates of 4.6m, and tax credit of 7.2m; making the net cost of their system about $2,650,000. Their return on investment is 40.9%. Read More

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