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Triple Dip Philosophy

Our “triple dip” philosophy allows us back in the same customer’s home year after year with multiple highly impactful products that all benefit the customer.

Why Become Alternative Energy, LLC Dealer?

  • Our approach is easy and simple but highly effective.
  • Our Unique products and Process will give you the ultimate completive edge
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Dealer Benefits

  • Our method will turn you r people into trusted home experts instead of high powered sales professionals.
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  • All packages come with Sales and Installation Support
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We have 3 basic packages to fit the needs of any size company.

  • The basic small business Package
  • The local Dealer Package
  • The Exclusive Distributor

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Imagine a product so unique, different, and so effective, that it’s almost unbelievable.  Such is believable with the performance of SuperReflex (SRX).  Place SRX in the palm of your hand and you can actually feel the performance within seconds as your body’s own heat is reflected back to you.

Now imagine a market so wide and vast, that virtually every home/business/industry could benefit from this application.  The proven savings in all of this product installed in all types of climates insures you will have increased business as an contractor (insulation, HVAC, etc) or if you are interested in starting up a new energy savings business.

When compared to conventional radiant barrier and other insulation products, our patented SRX product installs in half the time.  Also, SRX can be warehoused/stored and transported with minimum weight and space requirements.

Insulation can only resist the movement of heat… SRX changes the direction of heat altogether!


University testing has proven that SRX measured the lowest emissivity of any reflective radiant barrier product.

Simple to install, non-toxic, no staples and 0 tape.  Simply roll it out over the existing insulation and thats it.  SRX is the only type of reflective insulation that will not be contaminated by the accumulation of dust over time.

SRX is the only reflective membrane products that will give your client’s a lifetime performance warranty.


When competing with other HVAC companies you can set yourself apart from the rest of the pack and offer a “comfort and savings package” with every proposal.  A new 4 ton ac unit is not going to create more comfort than an old 4 ton ac unit.  4 tons is 4 tons.  The new unit one may be more efficient and quiet, but as far as comfort goes, making all the rooms in the house the same temperature, cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, a new ac system won’t do any of this, but installing SRX will.

If you offer our patented “Attic Solutions Package” (SRX, our German attic fan and SRX Ductwrap), when pitching a new energy system plan you can actually get them to downsize the new unit by at least 25%.  You can actually drop a 4ton unit to a 3ton unit in your bid and turn those homes that were difficult to cool during the summer, ran almost non stop to maintain comfort, had colder rooms in the winter and had some hot during the summer (along with higher energy bills), into comfortable, quiet (SRX reduces sound and heat), and efficient homes using smaller ac unit.  As HVAC contractor;s ourselves, we’ve been doing for decades.  Read our heat pump testimonial page.

Suggested retail pricing on SRX is $1.40 per square foot which doesn’t include increasing attic ventilation, which is something that is absolutely necessary on every radiant barrier application.

This is a great add on product to sell in addition to the new types of equipment you are selling now.  Sales will increase for your company and average job profits will go up.  Perfect for both hot and cold climates.  Easy to install, and is a great referral source.

This is the best performing radiant barrier system available on the market and comes with it’s own lifetime performance warranty.  No other radiant barrier product or company can make that claim.


Your current customer base becomes the perfect source for instant leads.  This is the highest performing radiant barrier/insulation system available and it comes with lifetime performance warranty.  Not one single other radiant barrier installer can make that claim.


Don’t add new A/C units, heat pumps or furnaces to the addition.  With SRX material installed in the attic of the main house, the home addition, and the exterior walls of the addition wrapped in SRX, the reduced heat loss/heat gain in the main house, will leave you with adequate supply to feed the addition.  Keep costs down and make more profit while installing a better product.  In most cases, we’ve seen the energy costs still go down even after adding 800 to 1200 square feet of air conditioned living space to a home.


Build new homes with more comfort, more appeal, and lower energy costs.  The best way to install the radiant barrier barrier system is while the home is being constructed.  We also have our own proprietary EPS wall insulation panels for outside sheer walls, stucco or over concrete block.  Stop the heat before it even gets to the wall, not after it’s already inside the building.  Consider the opposite scenario in cold climates.  We can help you save from the slab up.


We manufacture the highest efficiency steel building insulation in the world and we are looking for reputable erectors of steel buildings like yourself.  This product has a reinforced white vinyl inner liner that comes with our patented SRX technology laminated to the back side.  How many of your current clients can properly air condition one of your buildings using typical fiberglass insulation?  Ours does it, and without having to take out a 2nd mortgage to pay the utility bills.

Dealer Agreement To Become a Dealer

If you wish to become a SRX dealer for our patented product line you must submit a dealer application to our headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona for review.   At this time, we are only interested in working with existing contractors in the building, insulation, & HVAC fields.