Solar For Home Builders In Arizona

Drive the value of your homes up and set your community apart from the competition in Arizona with solar-ready homes. Thinking about making your new construction homes solar ready? Not a bad idea. Your home buyers will applaud you! Installing solar on a home in Arizona increases its value by about 3% and can save your homeowners upwards of $25,000 over the next 25 years. Get in touch with Alternative Energy to find out how we can help increase your communities value, and make your homes sell faster and for more money than ever before.

Solar Ready Homes Sell For More

According to, “A home with a new 5 KW system, on average, sold for nearly $40,000 more than similar homes with no PV installed. This is well above both the replacement cost of the system and the system’s expected income.”

Solar Ready Homes Sell Faster

According to research, solar homes sell faster than ones without. Studies were performed in California and Colorado showing that homes that had solar sold more quickly than without.

Solar Ready Homes Increase a Homes Value

According to Energysage’s solar savings calculator, a homeowner who installs solar panels on a home in Phoenix, Arizona can increase their home’s value by about 3% or more.

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Will Arizona Pass a Rooftop Solar Mandate?

California passed a solar mandate requiring solar to be installed on new homes being built in 2020 and beyond. Solar Power World published an article that talked about the possibility of solar being mandated in Arizona. Ferrell from Manadaly Homes, a homebuilder in Arizona, is already getting ready for the switch whether it happens or not. Ferrell states, “We currently have two communities in active production that feature our “Grid Optimized” energy solution and, moving forward, all new communities will feature this innovation as well. The “Grid Optimized” home features our energy-optimized home, with a very small solar array and local battery storage system. The combination of these technologies results in a home that runs on about $0.30 of grid power on a given day.”

Solar Panels for Homebuilders In Arizona

Living in a home with solar panels installed costs much less that living in a home without solar. Save your home buyers money by adding solar during new construction.

Solar Panels for New Construction

Solar for new construction is great whether you choose to offer solar as a standard feature of all of your homes or you want to offer it as an optional upgrade.

Solar Panels for During Construction

We offer great solar panel installation rates when installing solar panels on homes while they are being built.

Solar Panels for Post Construction

Offer your homeowners low cost solar at no cost to you. You choose the system size. We also offer battery backups and other energy storage add-ons. We can provide the marketing materials and everything you need to make it easy for your community to go solar.

Let’s Talk About Solar Panels For Your Community

Get in touch with Alternative Energy, LLC to find out what type of solar program we can design for your community today by calling us at (480) 744-1803 or by filling out our contact form.