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If you’re searching for “Blown-In Insulation Phoenix” you are probably looking for the best Blown Insulation Installers in the Phoenix Metro Area. If that’s the case, Alternative Energy, LLC can help!

We offer blown-in attic insulation installation and more. Read below how you can save up to 99% on electricity with blown insulation and other energy products we offer. If you would like to receive a free blown-in insulation quote in Phoenix, give Alternative Energy, LLC a call today at (480) 744-1803.

Blown-In Insulation Phoenix

Blown-in insulation is the most popular type of attic insulation that is installed in Phoenix homes. If you aren’t currently taking advantage of insulating your attic, now is the time. Attic insulation can save you tons of money of your heating and cooling bills.

Insulation is an important factor when determining the energy performance and comfort of your home. Although, many homes in Phoenix, Arizona are insufficiently insulated or not insulated at all. Blown-in insulation can help solve your energy efficiency problem and make your home more comfortable all year long.  

Types Of Blown In Insulation

Read below about the different types of blown-in insulation we install.

Blown-In Fiberglass Insulation

Blown-In Fiberglass insulation is made from glass that is spun into fibers or that is blown. Blown Fiberlass in installed in your attic by using a fiberglass blowing machine. Fiberglass insulation that is loose-fill is perfect for wall and attic cavities and can prevent insulation problems like moisture, fungus and mildew.

Blown-In Cellulose Insulation

Blown-in Cellulose insulation has been installed in homeowner’s attics since 1920. It consists of recycled or recovered materials such as corrugated cardboard and/or newsprint that is fire retardant treated before being installed in your attic. It’s perfect for home attics because of it’s energy efficiency and environmental benefits.

SRX Makes Blown-In Insulation Work Better

SRX radiant barrier makes blown-in insulation work even better! Matter of fact, SRX and blown-in insulation combined and reduce your heating and cooling bills by up to 50% guaranteed. If you already have blown-in insulation installed, you are perfectly ready for SRX radiant barrier insulation.

Why Install Blown-In Insulation

Installing blown-in insulation is the one of the most effective ways to reduce your electricity bill. It will prevent you from having the run your ac unit all day long just to keep your home cool. Furthermore, installing SRX radiant barrier over your blown-in insulation allows you to run your ac unit less which saves you even more money, especially in Arizona where temperatures in your attic can reach 150 degrees. Plus, every SRX installation comes with the highest powered attic fan to blow heat out and keep it out.

What To Do With Attic or Blown-in Insulation Problems

If you are thinking about installing or installed blown-in insulation already and are wondering why it’s not working as efficiently as you thought, you came to the right place. Blown-in insulation by itself is not enough to keep the heat out of your home.

Yes, blown-in insulation will help keep some of the heat out of your home but not all of it. The only way to keep all of the heat from entering your home is by installing radiant barrier and an attic fan. The radiant barrier will keep the heat from penetrating your home’s interior and the attic fan will blow all of the hot air out before it gets a chance to make it inside too.

Here are the most common reasons why your blown-in insulation isn’t working.

No Attic Fan or Ventilation System

Most homes don’t automatically come with a high powered attic fan so most of the heat that is blocked from entering your home sticks around in your attic and heats up your air ducts and water lines. Your attic will actually super heat your air ducts and will heat up the air coming out of your ac unit. We have seen air ducts reach up to 140 degrees! How can you possibly expect your air conditioning unit to keep up with ducts that are that hot. The solution is to install an attic fan and use SRX radiant barrier to keep the heat out. Furthermore SRX can also be used to wrap your ducts for ultimate cooling efficiency.

Poor Distribution Of Insulation

If your insulation isn’t distributed properly is loses its effectiveness. Also, if there is not enough or too much insulation it can make the insulation useless. There is such a thing as too much insulation. Make sure your insulation is distributed properly by receiving a free energy audit. We will let you know the current state of your insulation and if you are a candidate for SRX radiant barrier which can save you up to 50% on electricity guaranteed.

Should I Remove My Old Insulation

A lot of homeowners think that removing their old insulation and replacing it with new will solve their energy efficiency or comfort problem. That’s actually false. Your insulation might be perfectly fine even if it’s old or a little dirty. Installing radiant barrier and an attic fan is the best way to increase your current insulation’s efficiency. Your insulation is probably working just fine but you need attic ventilation to blow the hot air out of your attic.

Free Blown-In Insulation Quotes In Phoenix, Arizona

If you would like to receive a free blown-in insulation quote in Phoenix, give Alternative Energy, LLC a call today at (480) 744-1803.