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Are Solar Panels Worth It in Arizona?

Over the past decade, the solar energy industry has grown exponentially. Renewable energy is going to play a large role in our society in the future, and people are already preparing for it.

You may be asking yourself “are solar panels worth it in Arizona?” and have a difficult time finding the answer. The simple answer is “yes,” but that’s often not enough to sway skeptics.

But, solar energy is an industry that will prove to be increasingly valuable for both investors and consumers. Read on to discover the key attributes of solar panels in the state of Arizona.

Are Solar Panels Worth It In Arizona?

Let’s take a look at the following factors:

Tax Incentives

The Arizona government offers tax incentives to those who install solar panel systems into their home. This incentive, known as a solar energy credit, can be worth up to 25% of the cost of the solar panel device.

This government credit is also good for various solar panel systems, such as cooling, lighting, and general electricity.

For those looking to cut costs, this is a perfect way to save money both from the government and through more efficient electricity usage.

You can also use our calculator to figure out how much it would cost to install a solar panel system in your region.

Water Heating

Heating water can comprise a significant portion of your energy bill, especially during the colder months. Through solar panel installation, you’ll be able to use solar energy to heat up the water in your home.

During the winter, this means that your longer, hotter showers will have less of an impact on your energy usage.

During hotter months, you’ll see an even greater reduction in energy usage for heating water. Thus, solar energy is beneficial for more than just lights and air conditioning.

You may still be wondering “are solar panels worth it in Arizona?” One of their most recognizable benefits is…

Unlimited Energy

The sun is never going to run out of energy (at least not in our lifetime). Therefore, there will always be an unlimited source of power for solar panels to draw from.

This is a strong advantage over other forms of energy such as oil and gas, as both of those are finite. Taking advantage of solar panels now will allow you to save vast amounts of money in the future as fossil fuels become more scarce.


Pollution has longterm negative effects on both local environments and the planet as a whole. Luckily, many companies and individuals alike are now choosing to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible.

Without the use of fossil fuels, solar panel systems will provide energy that is far cleaner than that from other sources.

So, Are Solar Panels Worth it in Arizona?

Absolutely. With long-term savings and fewer carbon emissions, solar panels will be one of the heavy hitters when it comes to energy sources in the future. Due to the high amount of sunshine Arizona experiences, it’s also a prime location for them.

But, some people may still be on the fence despite the benefits. Not sure if they’re right for you? You can learn more about solar panels on our blog.

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