Garage Door Insulation Costs
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Garage Door Insulation Cost

How much does garage door insulation cost? The average cost of garage door insulation is $250 for the US in 2019, according to RetroFoam. Garage door insulation costs range from $200 to $300. House Logic confirms stating that “Garage door insulation is an easy DIY project; it’ll cost you about $200 to insulate two 9-foot-wide doors.”

Garage Door Insulation Cost By Material

Garage door reflective insulation costs $42 for 4’ by 25’ roll

Garage door batt insulation costs $.30 per sqft

Garage door foam board insulation costs $20 (4’x 8’ sheet that’s 1” thick)

Garage door insulation kits cost $50 to $70 ( 9’ wide)

Professional Garage Door Insulation Installation Cost

On average, garage door insulation installation costs about $100 for a single car garage and $250 for a double car garage.

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