Hot Water Coming From Cold Tap
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Hot Water Coming Out Of Cold Tap

Due to the rising temperature in the Metropolitan Area of Phoenix, municipal water sources are being super heated before being sent down pipeline to your home. There aren’t any solutions to this problem currently. Check back to this page for solutions. We are currently developing solutions to help these homeowners. 

If you are searching for the reason why hot water is coming out of your cold tap in the summer or why you have no cold water in Arizona, this article should help! Furthermore, if you live in the Phoenix, Arizona Valley and sourounding cities, we can help fix your problem and get your water lines running cold again! If you want to fix your problem immediately, contact us below. Read about our solutions to hot water coming from cold taps and what you can do to solve your problem.

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Why Is Hot Water Coming From Cold Tap In Summer?

Most new construction homes built in Arizona and other hot states use cheap plastic cold water lines and usually run them through the attic because it’s cheaper, faster and easier than running it through the walls. The reason why hot water is coming from your cold tap in the summer is most likely due to those plastic cold water lines heating up in the attic.

Due to your attic’s extreme heat, those thin plastic water lines heat up extremely fast causing water to come out of the cold tap warm or hot.

Solutions For Hot Water Coming From Cold Tap

Solutions for hot water coming from cold tap include:

  1. Install insulation in your home’s attic
  2. Wrap your water lines with radiant barrier
  3. Enjoy cold water coming from your cold tap again

The solution to your hot water from cold tap problem is simple: Install insulation in your attic and wrap your pipes with radiant barrier material or SRX (The best water pipe wrap). Installing either one of these options will help make your water cooler, but only by doing both will completely solve your problem.

There is no other way around it besides replacing your water lines which is far more expensive than a little bit of water line wrap and attic insulation.

Furthermore, installing SRX radiant barrier in your attic on top of insulation can also reduce 50% guaranteed! Your attic is your home’s main source of heat. Most homeowners in Arizona and sourounding states don’t have much insulation in their attic, preventing their home from being cooled efficiently. Make sure and ask how radiant barrier can help you save money on electricity. Who would of though cooling down your water could save you so much money?

SRX Is The Solution To Your Hot Water Problem In Phoenix, Arizona

SRX (SuperReflex) is the perfect solution for wrapping your water lines and insulating your attic from the hot Arizona sun. There are many benefits of using SRX as a radiant barrier and water line wrap including:

  • Prevents hot water from cold tap problems
  • Blocks the water line from getting heated up
  • Blocks the sun from entering your attic space
  • Saves you 50% on electricity guaranteed
  • Makes water come out same temperature in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Keeps every room in your home the same temperature
  • Reduces your need for air conditioning as much
  • Uses less air conditioning to cool your space
  • Can be used to make your air conditioner run more efficiently

11 Reasons Hot Water Is Coming Out Of Cold Tap

Other reason hot water might be coming out of your cold tap includes:

1. Pipes might be too close together

Solution: Wrap the water pipes to keep them insulated and regulate their temperatures

2. The cause could be recirculating plumbing

Solution: Wrapping the pipes with insulation will also solve this problem

3. Heat trap installed improperly

Solution: You will need a plumber to inspect your hot water heater

4. Ventilation duct heat

Solution: Duct sealing will solve any duct ventilation problems

5. Hot water causing lines to heat up

Solution: Wrap lines with insulation to keep them from passing on the temperature

6. Water pressure is too high

Solution: Requires a plumber to inspect your hot water heater

7. No attic ventilation

Solution: Need attic insulation and attic fan to keep attic cooler

8. Poor attic ventilation

Solution: If insulation is already installed, adding radiant barrier will help

9. No radiant barrier

Solution: Install radiant barrier and attic fan

10. Water lines ran through attic

Solution: Wrap water lines with insulation

11. Plastic water lines

Solution: Wrap water lines with insulation

Fix Hot Water Coming Out Of Your Cold Tap In Phoenix, Arizona

Diagnose Hot Water Coming From Cold Tap

If you are looking for solutions on fixing your hot water in cold tap problem, Alternative Energy, LLC has the solutions you are looking for. We can wrap your water lines with SRX to regulate the temperature and get your water coming out of your tap cooler again, even in the summer time.

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