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What Makes SRX The Best Radiant Barrier Foil?

We often get questions about what makes SRX the best radiant barrier foil, how it’s different from other brands of radiant barrier foil and why someone should choose our material over another “name brand” type.  In the paragraphs below, we will lay out the reasons why SuperReflex (SRX) is superior to any other products out there. This post is aimed to present you with as much information as possible so that you can make the most informed decision as to which product to use.

Only after you look more heavily into the details of how radiant barrier foil is constructed, do you realize that current radiant barrier technology is flawed and how we’ve solved those radiant barrier problems with SRX’ technology.

blank We Don’t Laminate Our Foil

The single biggest difference between SRX  and the other products on the market is that the others are laminated.  In a lamination process, the foil is either glued on or heat laminated to the plastic lining, Or if its only double sided with any product. Both of these processes will eventually fail.  With some products you can peel the foil off the plastic right out of the box, with others you have to leave it in the attic for several years before you can easily peel it off.

blank No Signs Of Oxidation

Another difference between various products is how the aluminum is protected. SRX is the only material in the world that can claim 97% reflectivity and an emissivity value of 0.02  that will never Oxidize.  Without this protection, aluminum will oxidize losing its ability to reflect heat.  As the surface of the foil begins to oxidize, it turns cloudy.  If it continues and oxidizes all the way through, it will actually turn clear We take measures to ensure the quality of our material.  In fact, SRX has been installed for over 25 years in some applications and shows no signs of Oxidation.

blank SRX is the Lightest Weight & Has Amazing Tensile Strength

Most manufacturers increase the thickness and weight of their product claiming that it is heavier and stronger than others.  Every few years, they add a few mils of thickness to the plastic to claim thicker and heavier materials.  For a long time, it was generally true that thicker materials were stronger.  However, advances in our climate specific technology in the 1980s led to lighter weight yet stronger materials.  This is true in a variety of products available today using lighter yet stronger materials.  Heavier no longer equals stronger, nor is it desirable in most products.  SRX is made at less than half the thickness and only 2/3 of the weight of the heaviest product available, yet it is more resistant to tearing.  SRX’s lighter weight rolls are the easiest to handle in attics and crawl spaces.

blank SRX is the Easiest to Install

With increased ease of installment, the widths of our rolls from 26″ and to 52″ to give you just a little extra material where you need it.  The 26” is better suited to span and overlap the 24 inch on center spacing as predominantly used in building construction. Also, SRX’s radiant barrier costs vs savings outweighs any other Professional or DIY radiant barrier system on the market.

blank SRX is the Only Radiant Barrier With A Guarantee

SRX, when installed by Alternative Energy, LLC , is guaranteed to save homeowners up to 50% on utility costs or your money back. No other radiant barrier contractor can make that statement because current radiant barrier foil doesn’t work as good as our foil! SRX works better than any other type of radiant barrier system, even double sided radiant barrier.

blank No More Staples Needed For Installation!!

SRX is simply laid over the existing insulation in a retrofit installation. Although it sounds easy, there are parts of the installation that require experience, because there are so many different types of homes, the application knowledge must be extensive to suit every possible scenario. Since it is the only dust proof radiant barrier product it does not need to be stapled to the roof, which saves a lot of time. Usually a SRX installation takes 4 or 5 hours unlike all other radiant barrier installations could take as much a 3 weeks. However, SRX does have to be installed by an authorized dealer in order to get the warranty.

Another issue with the radiant barrier heat laminated products is that the laminating process creates a memory effect in the material.  When you unroll one of those materials, its natural tendency is to roll back up on itself.  Crawling around in an attic or crawl space is hard enough in and of itself.  Don’t make the mistake of using a material that you will fight with the entire time. SRX is so lightweight that you can fold it and it has a cling property that once you lay it flat it will stay nicely against the insulation.

SRX Is The Best Radiant Barrier Foil Period! 

In closing, there are many material differences that make SuperReflex clearly better than any other radiant barrier products on the market. SRX even works great for spray foam insulation applications. Doing some research into the material before you buy will often make the difference in the success of your project. If a company is hiding the specs of the product like E-value and projected savings then you know neither of those things will be very good.  If you have any questions about our material, please give Alternative Energy, LLC a call.


ARMA FOIL is the current leader in radiant barrier foil technology. Here is how SRX stacks up against the best radiant barrier material in the world.

ARMA FOIL (Competition)

ARMA FOIL™ spec sheet

  • Sizes: 17″, 25.5″, and 51″ wide by 117.5 or 235 ft long
  • Double Sided Radiant Barrier
  • Contains a polyethylene fabric with vapor deposited aluminum coating
  • Emissivity: 0.05
  • Reflectivity: 95%
  • Fire Rating: Class 1 / Class
  • Flame Spread: 0
  • Smoke Development: 10
  • Corrosivity: PASS at 100% Humidity
  • Clean and Non-Toxic
  • Resists Mildew
  • Perforated: Yes
  • Vapor Permeability: 6.9 perms
  • Thickness: 4 mil

*ARMA FOIL™ meets standard specifications for Radiant Barrier in building construction applications

SRX FOIL (Alternative Energy, LLC)

SuperReflex spec sheet

  • Sizes: 26″(to overlap 24” on center), and 52″ wide by 250 ft long
  • PATENTED DESIGN 2 Double Sided Radiant Barrier
  • Contains a patented multi layered aluminum with mesh separation
  • Emissivity: 0.02 LOWEST IN THE WORLD
  • Reflectivity: 97%
  • Fire Rating: Class 1
  • Flame Spread: 0
  • Smoke Development: 10
  • Corrosivity: PASS at 100% Humidity
  • Clean and Non-Toxic
  • Resists Mildew
  • Perforated: Yes
  • Thickness: 2 mil
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Money Back Guarantee

SRX meets standard specifications for Radiant Barrier in building construction applications

We Sell The Best Radiant Barrier Foil Money Can Buy

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