Solar Panel Cleaning Services Aren’t Worth It

If you are searching for “solar panel cleaning services” or “solar panel cleaning companies”, “solar panel cleaning service near me”, or “solar panel cleaning company near me” in Arizona, you should stop and read this now. What were about to tell you could keep you from losing $16,000+ over the next 25 years due to dirty solar panels. Stop using solar panel cleaning services and switch to an automatic solar panel cleaning system!

Our automatic solar panel cleaning system increases solar energy production, is fully automated, cleans your solar panels multiple times per week, and costs far less than solar panel cleaning services. Simply hook up the system and let the solar panels clean themselves. 

No Manual Scubbing Needed

Manual Solar Panel Cleaning

Robot Cleaning Doesn’t Work for Residential

Robot Solar Panel Cleaning

No More Walking on Your Roof

Solar Panel Cleaning
Auto Solar Panel Cleaning


average cost to have your solar panels cleaned 1 time per year over 25 years


is the extra production you are missing out on with a 15% loss due to dirty panels


of electricity production is stolen from dust, bird droppings, ash, leaves, and more

Best Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning System


Manual Cleaning


Automatic Cleaning


FOn average, solar panel cleaning in Phoenix costs about $225 for a one-time cleaning, with average prices ranging from $100-$350 according to HomeAdvisor. For manual cleaning, the average price over 25 years is $338.92 ($300 first year with 1% labor cost escalation). For the automatic solar panel cleaning system, the average price per cleaning is $0.96. 

Solar Panel Cleaning Cost Arizona

Solar Panel Cleaning Systems in Phoenix, AZ

Alternative Energy, LLC can help with automatic solar panel cleaning systems installation all over Arizona including Phoenix, Cave Creek, Mesa, Carefree, Tempe, Ahwatukee, Scottsdale, Glendale, Chandler, El Mirage, Gilbert, Maricopa County, Fountain HillsPeoriaSurpriseSun CityYoungtown, Arizona cities.

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Don’t live in Arizona? Don’t worry, you can still get your automatic solar panel cleaning system delivered to you. The solar panel cleaning equipment comes with easy installation instructions that any handyman or DIYer could handle.