Solar Patio Covers, Pergolas, & Gazebos

Solar patio covers, solar gazebos, and solar pergolas are a type of shade structure for your backyard porch that can provide your home with solar electricity.


structure for your home


provided by the sun


money on electricity

What’s a Solar Patio Cover?

Solar Power Patios

A solar patio cover, also known as a solar powered patio cover, is a type of shade structure for your backyard porch that can provide your home with solar electricity. It’s usually attached to your home and is supported by 2 or more columns or posts. A solar pergola is the perfect for homeowners who cant install solar panels on their roof. Luckily you can use a solar patio cover in your back yard if you have enough space.

According to EnergySage, “Solar patio covers are part of an emerging category of solar that uses a structure other than the roof of your home or business as the framework for a solar system installation. These structures are often commonly referred to as “solar pergolas”.

Solar Patio Cover VS. Rooftop Solar Pros and Cons

Solar Patio Cover Pros and Cons

Large Solar Covered Patio

Solar Patio Cover Pros: 

  • Energy savings
  • Provides shade
  • Not attached to the home
  • 25 year linear warranty on just solar panels
  • Increased home value
  • Looks great

Solar Patio Cover Cons: 

  • Typically twice the price or more of rooftop solar
  • Installation takes much longer
  • Maintenance and cleaning
  • More permitting required and possible trenching
  • Yard space availability and property line restrictions apply
  • Cannot install near swimming pool or water features
Arizona Solar Panels

Rooftop Solar Pros:

  • Much less expensive than solar pergola
  • Faster Return on investment
  • Adds value to home
  • Easier/faster installation
  • Most common method to get solar
  • 30 year roof penetration warranty
  • 25 year installation warranty
  • 25 year full equipment warranty

Rooftop Solar Cons: 

  • If installed on an old roof may have to detach/reset system down the road
  • Does not provide additional shade to property
  • Maximum system size based on available roof space
  • Doesn’t extend living space

Solar Patio Cover Kits

Solar Patio Cover

Solar Patio Cover underside-1920w.JPG (1264×798)

Combining solar with a patio cover can not only improve your back yard and make it livable space it is often an investment that can pay for itself immediately with 100% financing with a payment that is less than the cost of electricity you’re saving.

Bi-Facial Solar Panels

  • “Double Glass” solar panels collect energy from ground bounce sunlight and are much prettier on the underside.
  • Wires and joints are hidden by galvanized and painted cross tracks.

Galvanized and Painted Canopy

  • All canopy steel is galvanize and painted with a 100% acrylic direct-to-metal paint for the lowest maintenance and unbeatable lifespan

Painted Steel Legs

  • Oil-based primer applied for a superior paint adhesion
  • Galvanized Canopy Steel
  • Tinted 100% acrylic top coat

Night Sky Indirect Dimmable LED Lighting

Solar Patio Cover - Night Time

  • Indirect Dimmable LED Lighting
  • LED lighting is hidden by the cross tracks and creates diffuse lighting
  • DIfferent colored lights can easily be added
  • Lights can easily be serviced or swapped out by the homeowner later
  • Standard dimmer is leg mounted and includes “smart” Wi-Fi controls and remote fob

Convenience Receptacles

Solar Patio Cover Receptacle

  • Weather-tight receptacles are standard for all patio covers are surface mounted on the steel legs.

How Much Do Solar Patio Cover Kits Cost?

Solar patio cover kits cost anywhere from $18,950 to $41,950 depending on the dimensions, Size in Kw and the # of 460w panels.

Dimensions 13.7′ x 14.2′ 13.7′ x 17.6′ 13.7′ x 21.1′ 13.7′ x 24.6′ 20.6′ x 17.6′ 13.7′ x 28′
Size in Kw 3.68 4.6 5.52 6.44 6.9 7.36
# of 460w panels 8 10 12 14 15 16
Price $18,950.00 $21,950.00 $23,950.00 $25,950.00 $26,950.00 $27,950.00
Dimensions 13.7′ x 31.5′ 20.6′ x 21.1′ 20.6′ x 24.6′ 20.6′ x 28′ 27.5′ x 28′
Size in Kw 8.28 8.28 9.66 11.04 14.72
# of 460w panels 18 18 21 24 32
Price $29,950.00 $29,950.00 $32,950.00 $35,950.00 $41,950.00

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We are a solar company that builds patio covers. We are also an authorized SunPower dealer offering the best solar panels Arizona has to offer. Sunpower is the confimed the #1 commercial solar provider in the US. According to SunPower, “By partnering with SunPower, you’ll get the smartest solar energy solution, customized to your specific needs. With over 30 years of experience across a diverse range of industries, we’re able to answer questions and help simplify the process of going solar—for businesses, schools and public organizations alike“. Alternative Energy has installed several Megawatts of solar statewide, with a strong focus on the Phoenix, Arizona Valley and surrounding areas!

Can You Put Solar Panels on an Existing Patio Cover?

Yes you can install solar panels on an existing patio cover. Solar panels can be installed on an existing patio cover or a new patio cover. Adding solar to the roof of your patio cover will provide free power and shade for your home at the same time.


structure for your home


provided by the sun


money on electricity

Solar patio cover installation quotes in Arizona!

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