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5 Reasons Businesses Benefit from Solar Energy

In today’s competitive world, every business is looking for something to set them apart. What about solar energy?

Solar solutions can have a powerful impact on your business, from direct savings and from increased business. Here’s how:

How Solar Solutions Benefit Businesses

Solar energy is more than just a way to reduce your carbon footprint. It saves you money in numerous ways, but here are a few:

Government Incentives

Helping the environment and reducing our dependence on less efficient energy sources helps everyone. That’s why federal, state, and local governments offer incentives to encourage it.

There are many rebates and tax credits for solar energy available. At the federal level, you could be eligible for savings including (but not limited to):

  • The Business Energy Investment Tax Credit
  • The Modified Accelerated Cost-Recovery System
  • Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds
  • Renewable Electricity Production Tax Credit

Many states offer incentives for businesses who use solar energy too, include Arizona. Here are a few of the options Arizona offers:

  • Non-Residential Solar & Wind Tax Credit
  • Renewable Energy Business Tax Incentives
  • Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit

Some local governments provide incentives as well. Between federal, state, and possibly local savings, you can make up a large amount of the cost of solar panels.

Lower Overhead

Depending on your business, energy bills can make up a large percentage of your overhead costs.

Bright, energizing lighting, temperature control, and equipment operation use a lot of energy. But taking as much of that energy as possible from the natural sun instead of your power company can have a huge impact.

If your business operates with typical 9-5 hours, you could generate all the energy you need from your solar solutions. Arizona has the advantage of significant sun exposure, so use it to your advantage.

Credits from the Power Company

In such a sunny place as Phoenix, you may even generate more solar energy than you use. In this case, the power company may actually be paying YOU every month for the energy you’ve generated.

In other words, you’re not just removing your electric expense – you’re replacing it with extra income.

In most states, this energy exchange is done with a technique called net metering. In Arizona, while we don’t have net metering laws by name, we do have similar laws that allow for this type of transaction.

Earn the Favor of Environmentally-Friendly Customers

In today’s business world, many customers choose companies based as much (or more) on their values as their prices.

Customers who are eco-conscious prefer to patronize businesses who also contribute to the cause. Solar panels are a badge of honor, and they can quickly draw in customers from your less eco-friendly competitors.

Long-Term Solutions with Little or No Maintenance

Solar solutions are known for their long life and low maintenance needs. Solar panels typically last 25-40 years. In fact, most have a 25-year warranty.

Over those 25-40 years, you can expect little or no maintenance cost. The lack of ongoing costs makes it incredibly easy to make up the installation cost over time.

How to Start Using Solar Energy for Your Business

Considering all the advantages above, solar energy is a beneficial choice that more and more businesses are using. If you’re ready to get started, contact Alternative Energy, LLC to learn more or set up an appointment to discuss your solar solutions.

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