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The Benefits Of Solar Panels For Business

Is your business looking into installing solar panels for your commercial property and want to know if commercial solar power is worth it?

If that’s the case, this article should help list the many benefits of commercial solar power and why going solar today is more important than ever in the past. According to EnergySage, “solar panel systems are a smart capital investment for businesses“.

Why Going Solar Is Important

Commercial electricity costs aren’t cheap and the price of oil is continuously rising. It is important to go solar now and lock electricity rates in before they increase! Also, many businesses are installing solar panels as a way to help the environment and lower their carbon footprint.

Solar energy can be used for many commercial processes including heating hot water, electricity, air conditioning and more. Many commercial and industrial facility owners are turning to commercial solar power in hopes of benefiting from its many advantages. Read more about the benefits of solar power for business below.

Benefits of Solar Power For Business

  • Reduce electricity costs
  • Instant Return On Investment
  • Reliable & Maintenance Free
  • Lower Your Carbon Footprint
  • Lock In Power Costs For Years
  • Businesses Receive Huge Tax Rebates
  • Reduces Your Reliance On Utility Power
  • Make A Difference In Your Community
  • Save Thousands A Month On Electricity Costs
  • Win More Customers With A Commitment To Sustainability
  • Can Be Financed With No Money Down & Low Monthly Payments

Businesses Can Save Thousands A Month With Solar Power

Businesses who install solar panel systems typically:

  • Offset their electricity use by 75.3%
  • Reduce their monthly electric bill from $1,950 to $517
  • Save $1,433 a month off their electricity
  • Pay off their solar systems within 3-7 years
  • Enjoy free electricity for 25-35 years

Business can save thousands, if not millions, with commercial solar power! Almost any business can benefit from solar power but there are certain businesses where solar really shines. All utilities included apartments and nursing homes, for instance, can benefit the most. This is because electricity costs are a flat fee and included in the rent with these types of facilities. Lowering the cost of what you are currently paying for electricity will instantly put money in your pocket and even more ROI after you pay off your commercial solar panels.

However, almost any commercial or industrial facility can benefit from solar panels. If you have high commercial electricity costs and spend a ton of money on cooling during the summer, commercial solar panels can instantly offset that cost, save you thousands a month right away and even more after your system is paid off.

Read more about the advantages of commercial solar power below.

Advantages Of Commercial Solar Power 

  • Solar power is a renewable energy source
  • Solar energy is abundant
  • Solar energy is sustainable
  • Solar energy is universally available
  • Solar energy is environmentally friendly
  • Solar power is versatile and can be used for more than businesses
  • Most states have rebates and tax breaks for going solar

Solar Power For Business In Arizona, Florida & Texas

If you would like to explore how much solar power for business can save your company in Arizona, Texas or Florida; get in touch with Alternative Energy, LLC today by giving us a call at (480) 744-1803.

Our Commercial solar contractors can get you financed with no money down and lower monthly payments than you are currently paying. Don’t pay another $1,500 electric bill ever again by choosing solar power for business today.

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