Best Solar Panels For Home Use
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Best Solar Panels For Home Use

If you are Googling the phrase “Best Solar Panels For Home Use” this article should help! With the emergence of modest solar panels, it is now possible to harness the sunshine and provide cheap energy that is readily available for homes. Millions of homeowners have already installed the solar panels on their roofs and are saving a ton of money on electricity.

What Are Solar Panels & How Do They Work?

A solar panel is a group of solar cells. It is referred to as ‘solar’ because it is highly dependent on the sun which happens to be the greatest source of light. The solar cells have a spacecraft that are always pointing directly at the sun. The light from the sun hits the solar cells; the solar cells collect the clean energy which is renewable and converts it to electricity. Solar cells are composed of silicon and phosphorus which emits negative energy and boron that emits positive energy.

Solar panels have a process referred to as the photovoltaic effect.  The photons absorbed by the solar panels are responsible for initiating the electric current.  The energy that is generated from the photons causes the electrons released from their atomic orbits into the electric field and forms a consistent current.

Solar Is The New Leading Source Of Energy

According to GTM research, solar was leading in the list of the new electric source of energy by thirty-nine percent in 2016 in the United States. The rapid increase in the use of solar panels has mainly been as a result of a reduction in solar panel prices. The installation of the solar panel has also become common to those living off-grid. Also, a well maintained solar electric device can be used for more than two decades. Also, after the installation costs, the power from the solar panels for homes is free, and any excess energy can be sold.

Buying The Best Solar Panels For Home Use

Installing the best solar Panels for home use is both costs efficient and eco-friendly as it is a renewable source of energy and emits no harmful products. It is critical to do conduct due diligence on the different brands of solar panels in the market and the energy requirement of a household. 

The following are some of the qualities that one should pay attention to, to buy the best solar panel for their homes:

Solar Panel Costs

The price of a solar panel is based on the capacity which is usually in the form of Watts. Different brands offer a competitive price the solar panels one should factor in other determinants of the different price to purchase the best solar panel for home use. The price is also determined by the size of the solar panel, the quality of material used to manufacture the product as well as the warranty period offered by the company upon purchasing the solar panel.

Customer Service and Support

Buying the best solar system for a home requires one to make a considerable investment. The installation of the solar panel may be new to a household, and new technology may prove to be quite sophisticated. One will need the assistance before the purchase, choosing a company that is ready to assist while choosing among many brands means one will pick the best solar panel for their homes. Also, after installation, a customer may need to enquire on various issues that may arise or seek clarification entailing the solar panel. A good company will provide after-sale services and assist the client where the need arises.

Size Of The Solar Panels

Solar panels available for home use vary regarding sizes. The dimensions of a particular brand of solar panel will determinate how many an individual will need to purchase for household use.  The company should have a professional to access a home before installation. The survey of the home will establish the maximum solar panel weight that the roof can accommodate as well as how effective the solar panel will be for your home. The best solar panel for home use should not cause any strain to the roof. Also, the best solar panel should produce the maximum electricity within the particular solar panel capacity.

Durability and Warranty

The longevity and warranty of a solar panel is a gauge of the confidence of the manufacturer. A manufacturer who is confident with their product will offer up to 25 years of warranty period. The best solar panel for home use should serve a household for years without issues arising. However, in case the solar panel has issues, one should be able to contact the company within the warranty period which in turn should fix the problem. The warranty only stands if the enterprise is still in operation. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in a renowned brand of solar panel that has been in operation for a couple of years.  The best solar panel for home use should also be able to withstand harsh weather conditions for household located in regions that are subject to snow and hailstones.

Solar Watts Capacity

The watts produced by the solar panel determine the final cost. The pricing of the solar panel is usually in dollars for every Watt. Watts produced are directly related  to the output of each solar panel. This implies that a four hundred Watt panel will provide four hundred watts hours of electricity for every hour.  The price of a solar panel will increase with the increase of Watts generated. The size of the solar panel also determines the Watts produced. A solar panel with higher Watts is larger. The best solar panel for home use should produce sufficient Watts to run a household as well as not staring the roof of the home due to its size.

Conversion Efficiency

The best solar panel for home use should be efficient. Solar efficiency which is usually represented in percentage form refers to the amount of electricity that is generated per surface area by a single solar panel. An efficient solar panel is one which is smaller in size and can generate more electricity that is sufficient for household use. It is essential to factor in the efficiency as one invests in the best solar panel for home use because the surface area of the roof of homes is usually limited.

Planning and Purchasing of the best solar panel for home use may take a while. Putting the necessary factors into consideration eventually proves to be rewarding. The homes can cut down their bills and selling of excess electricity from solar panels can be an extra source of income. It is also fulfilling knowing that as an individual one is playing a great role in the reduction of pollution.

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