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Puerto Rican Businesses Need Commercial Solar Panels

If you are searching for Commercial Solar Companies In Puerto Rico or looking for solutions to your commercial power loss problem, Alternative Energy, LLC can help! Off-Grid Commercial solar panel installation can solve your power loss problem!

Puerto Rico Business Owners Are Losing Money While Waiting On Power

Puerto Rico business owners are struggling to stay open for business while waiting for electricity from the utility companies. The hardest hit cities in Puerto Rico were: Arecibo, Sabana Hoyos, Florida, Ciales, Caguas, San Lorenzo, Humancao, Palmas Del Mar, Yubacoa and more.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “Between $20 billion and $40 billion could be lost in productivity output due to the storm-related disruptions”.

Miami Harold stated, “Barely one out of six clients of the island-wide electric utility has power”.

Never Lose Power Again With Off Grid Solar Panels For Business

If you are one of the 5 out of 6 businesses that don’t have power after the hurricane, you are most likely feeling the financial loss and looking for a solution to keep your business up and running. Our off grid solar systems for business ensure that you never lose power again. Your solar system comes with a battery backup that turns on if power is ever to go out. That way you never lose production time due to power outages. Once the power outage ends, you can switch the system back to the grid. Even Tesla thinks solar panels are a great idea to help Puerto Rico.

Affordable Off Grid Solar Panels For Businesses In Puerto Rico

Alternative Energy, LLC provides affordable solar panel systems for business in Puerto Rico. We offer NO MONEY DOWN solar installation to help your business get started with solar. Save up to 75% on electricity in Puerto Rico and make sure your electricity never goes out again with a battery backup. Puerto Rico – Solar & Wind Contractor Certification.

The Green Energy Fund Makes Solar Power Cheap In Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico business owners can receive up to a 40-50% rebate off their solar installations thanks to the Green Energy Fund! The rebates come on a first come first serve basis. Learn more about Green Energy Fund tiers and how much the government allows in rebates over the next 3 years 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Get A Free Commercial Solar Quote In Puerto Rico

Receive a free commercial solar quote in Puerto Rico by giving Alternative Energy, LLC a call today at (480) 744-1803. We offer commercial solar power in: Arecibo, Sabana Hoyos, Florida, Ciales, Caguas, San Lorenzo, Humancao, Palmas Del Mar, Yubacoa and more.

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