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Home Solar Panel Installation: DIY or Hire Pros?

If you’re looking to save money on electricity costs, solar panels may be the answer. Adding solar panels to your home can save you tens of thousands of dollars on your energy bill over a 20 year period, and are a fantastic way to lessen your family’s carbon footprint.

Since solar panels can save you so much money, you may be thinking about installing them yourself. You’ll save more money that way, but is it worth the risk? Ahead, we’ll give you some advice when it comes to DIY vs. professional home solar panel installation.

DIY Home Solar Panel Installation

The most obvious benefit of installing solar panels yourself is the cost. You’ll save thousands of dollars on installation — costs depending on where you live. You won’t have as many options, but the price is the main reason someone would want to install solar panels on their own.

DIY solar panels are usually for people who want to bring their home off-the-grid. You won’t be reliant on anyone else for your home’s electricity since it will be powered by the panels on your roof.

This may sound ideal, but it’s unrealistic. You’ll need backup power in case your solar panels don’t provide enough energy. If you’re powering a small unit though, like an RV, toolshed, tiny house, or outdoor lighting unit, DIY options are more feasible.

The Case for Hiring a Professional

If you want to install solar panels on anything more substantial than a toolshed, you probably want to hire a professional. Commercial jobs are out of the question, and you’ll probably need the help of a professional for home installations as well.

If you do it yourself, you’d have to complete the research to make sure your design is correct, ensure you get the right size, find the right technology for your climate, determine how much weight your roof can hold, and much more before you can even start the process.

If you don’t complete all of these calculations correctly, your home won’t get the optimal amount of power. You may save some money on installation but will end up paying more for repairs and energy consumption down the line.

You’d have to handle all permits and regulations by yourself. You may require an inspection from local authorities, and you’ll have to navigate all the technical specifications they give you.

We haven’t even mentioned the dangers of DIY home solar panel installation. Apart from the obvious hazards of hurting yourself during installation, you can risk fires if you don’t set up the wires correctly.

DIY or Hire Pros?

We recommend that you hire professionals for most solar panel installations. If you have experience installing these units and want solar panels to power a small space, you can get away with doing it yourself.

If it’s any bigger, it borders on foolish to try to undertake this project without the help of a professional.

The dangers, technical specifications, permits, and headaches are too much for one person to handle for bigger jobs. You run the risk of spending more money if you install the panels incorrectly.

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