How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Phoenix
Written by Alternative Energy

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost In Phoenix?

In Phoenix, solar panels cost about $14,850 for an entire system or $2.97 per watt on average. Costs ranged from $12,622 to $17,078 for a 5 kilowatt (5,000 watts) solar system in 2019, according to EnergySage.

These estimated costs do not include the Federal Investment Tax Credit of 30%, the $1,000 Arizona solar tax credit, or other local solar incentives.

The average payback period for solar panels in Phoenix took 7.76 years and the average electricity savings from installing solar panels was around $43,990 over a 20 year period. The average cost per watt is $2.97 a watt. This study included installation of a 5kw solar system, a slightly smaller than the average system size for this area. Use our solar panel cost calculator to find out your solar system size, how many solar panels you need, total system cost, and estimated monthly solar payment.

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