Phoenix Solar Panels Cost
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How Much Do Solar Panels Cost In Phoenix, AZ?

*Updated Mar, 30th, 2021. In Phoenix, AZ, solar panels cost about $13,000 or $2.60 per watt on average, with costs ranging from $11,050 to $14,950 for a 5 kilowatt (5,000 watts) solar system in 2021, according to EnergySage.

These estimated costs do not include the Federal Investment Tax Credit of 26%, the $1,000 Arizona solar tax credit, or other local solar incentives.

The average payback period for solar panels in Phoenix took 7.16 years and the average electricity savings from installing solar panels was around $43,990 over a 20 year period. The average cost per watt is $2.68 a watt. This study included the installation of a 5kw solar system, slightly smaller than the average system size for this area. Use our solar panel cost calculator to find out your solar system size, how many solar panels you need, total system cost, and estimated monthly solar payment.

Free Solar Quotes In Arizona

Use our Phoenix solar panel cost calculator to get a more specific solar cost estimate based on your annual kilowatt-hours of electricity used in your home. If you are looking for solar companies in Arizona; Alternative Energy, LLC offers the lowest solar panel installation cost in the entire state of Arizona! Get a free solar quote by filling out the short quote form for a free estimate.

Is Solar Worth It In Phoenix, Arizona?

Solar Panels Phoenix

Yes, solar panels are absolutely worth it in Phoenix, Arizona! Installing solar panels in Phoenix is a great investment. Choosing to install solar panels in Phoenix, Arizona can increase your home value by 2-3%. Solar Panels can save the average Phoenix homeowner over $25,000 in electricity savings over the next 25 years! You can deduct 30% of the cost of solar panel installation right away due to the Federal solar investment tax credit (ITC). And, Arizona’s solar tax credit (25% or $1,000) will make the cost of residential solar installation even cheaper.

APS net metering tracks how much electricity you consume vs. how much you send back to the grid. You are credited 1/1 with the retail power price for APS electricity. Arizona produces far more electricity from solar than nearly any other state making net metering very profitable in Arizona. Plus, with most of the cost of solar being covered by the Federal ITC and Arizona solar tax credit, it’s a no-brainer to go solar in Phoenix, Arizona.

Phoenix Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Installation Phoenix

Solar Reviews says you can expect to pay about $2.58 per watt or $11,439 for solar panel installation in Phoenix, AZ, with costs ranging from $10,295 – $12,583, for a 6kW solar system. This cost is after claiming the 26% federal tax credit. Their prices are shown as follows:

  • 4kW: $8,373
  • 5kW: $10,015
  • 6kW: $11,439
  • 7kW: $13,211
  • 8kW: $15,333
  • 9kW: $16,638
  • 10kW: $18,293

Solar Estimate says, “The average cost of installing residential solar panels in Phoenix, Arizona in 2020 is $2.67 per watt. The average system size in the US is 6 kilowatts, which means the average price of a solar system in Phoenix, AZ is $13,350.” On their website, it says you can expect to save over $103,746 over the lifetime of your solar system.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost Near Me?

In Phoenix, AZ, solar panels cost about $13,000 or $2.60 per watt on average, with costs ranging from $11,050 to $14,950 for a 5 kilowatt (5,000 watts) solar system in 2021, according to EnergySage.

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Affordable Solar Panel Installation Quotes In Phoenix

Alternative Energy, LLC offers affordable solar panel installation in Phoenix and other areas of Arizona. Get a free solar panel quote today!

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