APS Rebates
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APS Rebates

Looking for APS rebates and incentives to save money on electricity? Great! Alternative Energy can help in more ways than one! We put together a great list of APS rebates and incentives in 2020 for you to take a look at. Furthermore, if you are looking to receive an energy audit, don’t pay $99 just to find out what else you need to do to lower your power consumption and save money. Get a free energy audit from Alternative Energy, LLC that includes:

  • Over 30 years of Home Energy Audit experience
  • An infrared scan of walls, ceilings, and windows
  • Inspect solar heat gain through windows
  • Duct efficiency inspection
  • Attic ventilation and fan inspection
  • Utility company rate compare & reduce
  • Inspect home insulation levels
  • Air conditioner inspection
  • Affordable quotes for energy upgrades
  • Roofing inspection

Take a look at some of the rebates and incentives offered by APS.

APS Air Conditioner Rebates

You could be eligible for APS’s $200 air conditioner rebate if your heat pump or air conditioner is more than 10 years old and you plan on replacing it. According to APS Air Conditioner Rebates, “As added incentive, customers who have AC units installed through our rebate program typically save 20% more annually than customers who don’t use a qualified contractor.

APS Solar Rebates & Incentives

In addition to the 30% Federal tax credit, APS allows residential customers to use the 25% Arizona solar tax credit, which can give you back up to $1,000, according to SolarReviews. However, make sure you own your system to receive APS rebates. According to APS, “When leasing a rooftop solar system, incentives such as tax credits and depreciation are given to the system owner, not the homeowner“.

There are other APS solar rebates and incentives that can save you money as well. PhoenixGreenTeam says, “Upgrading to utilities like solar hot water heaters can also help lower your energy bill“.

APS Duct Sealing Rebate

You could be eligible for APS’s $250 duct sealing rebate if you have a duct sealing contractor seal your ducts and air leaks through APS’s Home Performance Program. You can find out if you have duct leakage by getting a free energy audit from Altnerative Energy, LLC. Learn more about the Duct Repair and Sealing Rebate.

APS Cool Control Device Rebate

You can save about 10% on your cooling cost and get a $70 rebate by installing a cool control device. The cool control device turns on when your home’s air conditioner shuts off. The device takes advantage of the cool air that is still in your ducts. The device runs for about five minutes after your AC unit turns off. But, make sure you have an air conditioning contractor inspect your unit to make sure it is compatible because according to APS Cool Control Rebate, “Cool control devices are not meant to work with window units“.

APS Insulation Rebate

Increase the energy efficiency and comfortability of your home by installing insulation and receive a $250 from APS’s Insulation Rebate. Insulating your attic with blown-in insulation and radiant barrier, and walls and crawl spaces with spray foam insulation, gives your home maximum energy efficiency and helps you save money.

APS Smart Thermostat Rebate

You can get a $30 rebate from APS by installing a smart thermostat. Furthermore, smart thermostats can help you save money on electricity. According to iMore, installing a Wi-Fi thermostat can lower your electric bill by $131 – $145. The average savings of Wi-Fi thermostats is around 10-23% savings depending on which manufacturer you research. Learn more about ways to save money on electricity. Learn more about the APS smart thermostat rebate.

APS Energy Audit

When you request an energy audit from APS for $99 through their Home Performance Program, they will send a certified and specially trained contractor to diagnose your energy consumption and offer energy-efficient improvements. APS Energy audit process includes:

  1. Take the Survey
  2. Select a Contractor
  3. Schedule a Checkup
  4. View the Report
  5. Choose your Upgrades
  6. Receive your Rebates

However, if you are looking to receive an energy audit in Phoenix, AZ, don’t pay $99 just to find out what else you need to do to lower your power consumption. Get a free energy audit from Alternative Energy, LLC and deal with the contractors that will be performing the installation(s). We can file all APS rebate forms for you to make sure you get your rebates and save the money you were intending to save.

How do to Submit the APS Rebate Form?

You cannot submit the APS rebate for yourself. You must have a participating contractor submit the form for you. According to APS, “Just have a participating contractor submit the rebate form after replacing your old system with a new, energy-efficient one installed in accordance with the APS Quality Installation Standards“.

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