How To Lower Electric Bill In Arizona
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How To Lower Electric Bill In Arizona? For APS & SRP Customers

Looking to reduce your electric bill in Phoenix, Arizona? Are you a homeowner looking for ways to save money on SRP or APS electricity bills?

Are you searching for “How To Lower Electric Bill In Arizona” in any of the east valley cities of Phoenix (Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert) or maybe the west valley Phoenix cities (Peoria, Surprise, Sun City, Glendale) Arizona? Well, Alternative Energy, LLC has the solution to your high energy usage problem. Here is a list of the 5 steps you need to take to be able to save as much as 25-99% on your electricity bill in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area.

Ways To Lower Your Electric Bill In Arizona

  1. Install radiant barrier or attic insulation
  2. Install mini split ac units
  3. Install a residential solar system
  4. Install spray foam insulation in your walls
  5. Get a high powered attic fan
  6. Get a wifi thermostat
  7. Install energy efficient windows

Other Ways To Lower Your SRP & APS Electric Bills in Arizona

Here are some other ways you can save money on your APS and SRP electric bills all year long in Phoenix, Arizona.

Air conditioning units and cooling costs bear the most weight on your electricity bill accounting for an average of 40% of your total electric bill in Arizona. In the summer in is even worse, during some of the hottest Phoenix days you can expect your air conditioning unit to account for 70% of your total energy consumption. However, we are here to show you ways to save money on electricity with these simple tips.

Adjust Your Thermostat

You can save 2-3% instantly on your electric bill by setting your SRP or APS thermostat settings to 1 degree warmer. Here’s another tip: Set your home or office thermostat to a set temperature of 79° and use ceiling or floor fans to decrease the temperature of the room by up to 5° cooler.

  • Add blinds or shades to your windows to keep the sunlight from penetrating into your home
  • Use the heat of the sun to dry clothes, saving money on running your dryer
  • Add special insulation to keep cold or hot air from entering your home through your power outlets
  • Install an attic fan to remove excess heat from your roof – heat in your attic is the number one reason A/C units do not work as efficiently
  • Change your air filter once a month to keep your A/C unit running 100% efficiency

Optimize The Way You Heat Your Home

Phoenix really isn’t all that bad when it comes to the winter season but you can get some pretty tough hits to your electric bill from not planning ahead. We put together a list of ways to help you stay warm during the winter time and also keep money in your pocket for the holiday season.

  • Don’t run the heat all night, use blankets while sleeping to keep warm
  • Make sure you have applied caulking around exposed areas of your home such as doorframes, sill plates, window and any other place air can seep through – floors, walls, ceilings etc.
  • Turn your exhaust fans off directly after using
  • Don’t keep your blinds closed, open them to let the sun warm the room for you to use less heat
  • Don’t use mobile electric heaters, it costs much more money to use electric heat than gas heat
  • During the winter time, cooking can actually help heat your home for you, never use it as your main source of heat though
  • Turn your ceiling fans on reverse when it cold outside to bring the hot air down
  • Reduce heat loss by installing tempered glass fireplace doors
  • Add special insulation to keep cold or hot air from entering your home through your power outlets
  • Change your air filter once a month to keep your heater or furnace running 100% efficiency
  • If you go on vacation set your thermostats to 60 degrees
  • To save the most money set your thermostats to 68 degrees if you’re only going to be away for a few hours

Run Your Pool Equipment Less Often

Your pool equipment costs a lot of money to run so we put together a couple tips to help you save on running pool equipment such as pool filters, pool pumps, kreepy’s and more. Get the clean pool you are looking for without the hassle of paying too much for it.

  • If you have a pool heater, shut it off when not in use for 7 days or more
  • Save 4 thousand gallons of pool water just by installing a pool cover
  • Purchase a pool pump with variable speed for more savings and a quitter pump
  • It costs $4 to get your spa heated to 100 degrees, if you’re not going to use it, turn it off
  • Save more than half of what you are paying now for pool equipment usage by installing a variable spped pump
  • save up to 50% of your pool’s energy cost – as much as $150 a year – when you install a variable-speed pool pump
  • Cover pool or spa when not using

Use Your Water Heater Less 

Reduce the amount of hot water your currently and instantly using to save money on electricity comfortably. From lowering water temperature to installing different water saving shower heads, Alternative Energy, LLC has the information you need to save money on power.

  • Dont use hot water to wash clothes, use cold water to save more money
  • Rinse dishes with cold water instead of hot water
  • Install an insulation jacket for your water heater that can lower your energy usage from your water heat by up to 10 degrees. Although, some water heater manufacturers warn agains installing jackets, read your user mnual before installing
  • Installing showerheads that are (low-flow) can save your home up to 15 thousand gallons of water usage per year
  • Stop running water while washing dishes or shaving

Install Energy Efficient Lighting

Installing an energy efficient lighting system is the best way to save money on electricity usage. From installing LED bulbs to turning off the lights when you should, we got all the energy savings tips your need to save money on lighting.

  • Installing LED lights can save you almost $100 over the lifetime of your bulbs
  • Install a home monitoring system to make sure your lights are off when you are away from the home
  • Unplug appliances and lightings that you aren’t using
  • Keep from having to switch out your light bulbs every other month by installing bulbs that will last1000% longer, LED’s, they also emit less heat which helps you save on cooling your home

Want To Learn How You Lower Your Electric Bill By Up To 99%?

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If you would like to learn more about saving up to 99% on electricity with no money down, contact Alternative Energy, LLC today! We offer no money down solutions to help homeowners start investing in smart energy solutions.

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