Best Insulation For Hot Climates
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Best Insulation For Hot Climates

Look no further, the best insulation for hot climates is SRX (SuperReflex). Not only that but SRX is also the best insulation for cold climates and can save you up to 50% or more on heating and cooling bills.

Why SRX Is The Best Insulation For Hot Climates & Cold Climates

There are many reasons why SRX is the best insulation for hot climates and cold climates. Here are a couple of important differences between our product and other types of insulation:

Works For Any Insulation Application

There is no other insulation product on the market that can make that claim. Our SRX product can be used for residential, commercial or industrial insulation applications including insulating garages, walls, attics, shops, steel buildings, new construction builds and more.

Lowest Emissivity Rating In The World

According to a study performed by the University of Australia, SRX has the lowest emissivity rating than any other material on the planet, even lower than silver. Our emissivity rating is a .2, lower than any other building material on the planet.

SRX Insulation Doesn’t Lost Efficiency

A unknown fact about radiant barrier is that it loses efficiency once the material has built up a layer of dust. Single sided radiant barrier is the biggest culprit when it comes to the dust problem. Even double sided radiant barrier insulation material will build up dust over time.

We’ve solved those radiant barrier problems with SRX. SRX radiant barrier/insulation will continue working at 100% efficiency even once dust starts to settle on the material.

As you can see radiant barrier isn’t all that great once dust has a chance to settle on the material. SRX is the best radiant barrier insulation because it never loses its efficiency no matter how much dust is present.

Best Insulation For Hot Climates | Radiant Barrier & Attic 

SRX insulation doubles as the best radiant barrier and attic insulation for hot climates in the industry. It works 3x better than any other type of insulation system and comes with guaranteed savings. No other insulation contractor in the industry guarantees their savings because they know their products will eventually lose efficiency. SRX never loses efficiency and is guaranteed to save you at least 50% and can save you up to 100% with our other energy saving products! Ask your insulation contractor what your guaranteed savings will be.

Makes A/C Work More Efficiently

Adding SRX insulation in your attic keeps your attic much cooler, which in turn, makes your ducts cooler. If your ducts are too hot, it heats up the cool air that is traveling to the rooms in your home or business. This makes your A/C unit work harder to cool down the space, costing you more money in utility bills. Furthermore, SRX also works as duct wrap, keeping your ducts even cooler and reducing the need to run your air conditioning unit longer.

Unlimited Commercial Insulation Applications

SRX is the best insulation for commercial applications and can be installed on the ceiling and walls of commercial buildings, auto shops, metal structures, sheds and more. SRX will literally change the way you heat or cool your commercial facilities forever!

SRX can adhere to almost any surface with easy installation. Other insulation methods are inferior to SRX because they only resist heat flow, SRX changes the direction of the heat altogether and won’t retain heat whatsoever. SRX insulation is perfect for new construction, remodels, room additions, home additions or other.

Makes All Rooms Same Temperature

The biggest problem people in hot climate’s experience are that one hot room that won’t ever get cool. Our SRX solves that problem and will make all the room in your home the same temperature.

Keeps Your Home Cooler Longer

Your home or business will stay cooler longer without running the AC unit once we reduce the amount of heat coming into the space and have wrapped the ducts in SRX.

Best Insulation For Cold Climates

SRX insulation also helps keep your home cooler longer. SRX works just as good at keeping in warmth as it does keeping cool. You can think of SRX as a temperature management system where whatever temperature you bring it will stick around a little longer than if you had no insulation or any other type of insulation material installed. SRX insulation works better than any other type of insulation at keeping your home cool or warm.

Lifetime Guaranteed

SRX is the only insulation product that is guaranteed to save you at least 50% and even more than that if you choose to install our other energy products. We are the first energy contractors that offer for you to choose your savings package. Choose from saving anywhere from 25-99% on electricity depending on the energy package you select. Save 50% guaranteed by having our contractors install SRX in your home or business.

Saves More Money

SRX saves more money than any other type of insulation. That’s because our product has the lowest emissivity rating in the world and is built to keep out dust. We noticed the problems with other types of insulation and decided to do something about it. That’s when we invented SRX, the most versatile insulation product to hit the market! Installation SRX is the best way to save electricity while using central air conditioning.

Arizona Homeowners Can Benefit From Our Insulation The Most

We guarantee savings for any homeowner or business owner who gets SRX installed by our contractors in the major Phoenix Metropolitan Area cities including: Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, Scottsdale, Glendale, Peoria and more.

Better Wall Insulation Than Spray Foam

Think you need spray foam insulation inside your walls? Think again, SRX works better than spray foam insulation and doesn’t require as much material for installation. Furthermore, SRX installs cleaner and doesn’t require major cleanup after installation.

Works As Roof Underlayment

SRX also works as an efficient roof underlayment system. Its reflective capabilities do a great job at reflecting the suns heat which keeps your inside space cool. Benefits include additional heating and cooling cost savings. Roofers can take advantage of offering heating and cooling savings with their installations. SRX can be used as a roofing underlayment system for flat roof systems, shingle roof systems, tile roof systems and more.

Can Be Used For Insulating Ducts

Duct sealing is important that your air ducts are sealed and protected from the heat in order to get cool air to come out of your vents. Most air conditioners struggle to push air through the vents due to holes or too much heat in the attic. Our SRX insulation prevents your ducts from heating up, making your air conditioner run more efficiently, while also making sure every room in the home stays the same temperature. This also makes it so you don’t have to run your air conditioner as frequently; saving you even more money.

Best Insulation For Cooling A Garage

SRX is also the best way to cool a garage in Arizona, Florida and Texas, 3 of the hottest states in the United States. SRX is a works great for garage insulation and garage door insulation. SRX is the best insulation for garage doors.

Looking To Purchase The Best Insulation For Hot Climates?

SRX is no doubt the best insulation for hot climates! You can purchase SRX radiant barrier material or get a free insulation installation quote in the Phoenix Valley. *Disclaimer – There is not guarantee of savings if you choose to install SRX by yourself. We only guarantee SRX savings when our contractors install the product.

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