Heating & Cooling A Garage Workshop
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Heating and Cooling a Garage Workshop

If you just Googled “heating and cooling a garage workshop” while looking for solutions to heat and cool your garage effectively, this article should help. Furthermore, if you are looking for garage heating and cooling services we can help with that too! Our service area includes Arizona, Texas and Florida. 

Garage Workshop Heating & Cooling Services In Arizona, Florida & Texas

You are most likely looking for a way to regulate the temperature inside your garage for one of the following reasons:

Reasons To Heat & Cool Your Garage

  • Use your garage as a workshop
  • Use your garage as a studio
  • Keeping the garage cool for your dog 
  • Create the perfect man cave
  • Store items that need to be temperature regulated

In either case, a garage ac unit, garage insulation and garage door insulation are the best ways to heat and cool your garage effectively. 

Ways To Heat and Cool A Garage Workshop 

  • Install Garage Radiant Barrier
  • Install Garage Mini Split AC (recommended)
  • Install Garage Door Insulation
  • Install a Garage Attic Fan

Ways Not To Heat & Cool A Garage Workshop

  • Ceiling fans: work but won’t keep the space cool
  • Space heaters: use a lot of electricity and the heat is wasted through thin walls and garage door
  • Electric floor fans: blow around the hot air
  • Installing windows: will work for the summer but won’t keep the cold old during the winter time
  • Opening the garage door during the summer a few inches will cool the space a few degrees (Although, Arizona temperatures get up to 120 degrees so there is only so much that method will do)

Best Ways To Heat & Cool A Garage Workshop

In our experience, we have learned that the most effective methods for heating and cooling a garage work-space are to:

  1. Install garage radiant barrier to keep the heat from coming in 
  2. Install a garage attic fan to blow the existing hot air out
  3. Install a garage mini split ac unit to cool the space down
  4. Install garage door insulation to seal the cool air in

1. Install Radiant Barrier & Garage Attic Insulation


Garage Radiant Barrier Regulates The Temperature In Your Garage. Garage radiant barrier blocks radiant heat during the summer and keeps the room warm during the winter. We developed a producted called SRX (SuperReflex) that regulated the temperature inside garages and homes during the summer and winter. When installed in your home, SRX can save you 50% on your electricity bill guaranteed! SRX is patented and university tested as the best radiant barrier on the planet! 

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2. Install Garage Door Insulation 

Garage-Door-InsulationGarage door insulation is actually the most important step for heating and cooling a garage workspace. We use the same SRX insulation for the garage door as well. It helps to seal up any remaining gaps for full temperature control. SRX is rated as the best insulation for garage doors and will make heating and cooling a garage workspace much easier. This ensures that you will be working in a more comfortable garage even without installing a garage ac unit.

Although, installing a garage mini split is the most recommended method of cooling or heating a garage. However, installing a mini split without installing insulation first will hike up your energy bill pretty substantially. 

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3. Install A Garage Mini Split System

Garage-Mini-SplitsGarage air conditioning is the most recommended method for heating and cooling a garage workspace. Most garage mini splits also work for heating as well so you will have more control over the temperature inside your garage than ever before.

Although, as we mentioned in the above paragraphs, only installing a garage mini split is effective enough and wastes a lot of energy. You need to insulate the garage attic and garage door to make your mini split system work more effectively. Plus, the temperature will stay regulated longer and save you more money on heating and cooling bills. 

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4. Install A Garage Attic Fan

Garage-Attic-FansA high powered garage attic fan should be part of any radiant barrier insulation, even in the attic. The will ensure that all of the hot air is pushed out of your attic before making it inside your garage. This will keep the heat out of the attic, the garage door insulation will keep the rest of the heat out and your garage mini split system will run like a champion. This will give you complete control over your garage workspace temperature.

Neep Professional Services For Heating & Cooling A Garage Workspace?

Garage Workshop Heating & Cooling Services In Arizona, Florida & Texas

Alternative Energy, LLC can help with garage insulation, garage door insulation and garage mini split system installations in Arizona, Florida & Texas. 

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