SRP Solar Rate Plan
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SRP Solar Rate Plan

Worried about going solar because you heard SRP customers can’t save money with solar? Well, you might change your mind after hearing this. As of June 2019, SRP customers can save even more than APS customers.

The average cost of electricity with SRP in Phoenix and neighboring cities is about 15 cents per kilowatt throughout the year. Wintertime can go as low as $7.11 during Off-Peak hours but your On-Peak charges can go as high as $35.77 in the summer.

The average cost of electricity with the SRP Solar E-27 Customer Generation Plan is about $5.06 per kilowatt throughout the year. Wintertime can go as low as $3.90 and you On-Peak charges will never go above $6.22. Make sure you check out SRP Electricity Rates With & Without Solar PDF

As you can see, with the SRP residential solar price plans, going solar just became more lucrative than ever. You can literally lower your electricity rates by 2/3 even by installing a smaller solar system. Even 1 solar panel can qualify you for this new SRP solar rate plan.

Here is an example of an estimate we ran for one of our recent solar customers estimating they will save $103,025 with SRP’s new solar rate plan.

SRP Solar Rate Plan Example Savings

See an example of the cost of not going solar vs 12-year solar financing vs 20-year solar financing. SRP Solar Rate Plan With 12yr. 20 yr. Financing Options

Plus, Alternative Energy is offering affordable solar deals for SRP customers starting at $78 per month and No money down.

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