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Most Popular Solar Panels Chosen By Phoenix Homeowners

According PickMySolar, Hanwha’s QCELLS are the most popular solar panels by far chosen by 29% of homeowners for 2 years in a row (2017 and 2018). Best product for the best price!

  1. Hanwha’s QCELLS Solar Panels. Chosen by over 29% of homeowners as the most popular solar panels, Hanwha’s QCELLS combine German engineering with Korean manufacturing, all at a very competitive price.
  2. LG Solar Panels. Chosen by over 22% of homeowners going solar, LG is a higher wattage, premium solar panel but is a little more expensive.
  3. SUNPOWER Solar Panels. Chosen by over 21% of homeowners going solar, SunPower is the best panel on the marketplace but comes with a higher cost.
  4. PANOSONIC Solar Panels. Panasonic offers premium solar panels just like SunPower and LG but simply cost more just because of the name.

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