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How To Cool A Garage With No Windows

If you are searching for “how to cool a garage”, “how to cool a garage with no windows”, or “ac unit for garage with no windows”, this post and/or our products/services can help!

Garage Cooling Quotes

How to Cool a Garage

The best way to cool a garage with no windows is to:

  1. Install a garage attic insulation
  2. Install a garage attic fan
  3. Install garage door insulation
  4. Install a garage air conditioner

There are many other ways to cool a garage, but the 4 professional products/services listed above are by far the most effective methods of cooling any type of garage, even ones that do have windows.

Step 1. Install Garage Attic Insulation to Keep the Heat Out

Garage Radiant BarrierAccording to NAPA, “Garages are typically poorly insulated and for this reason, they can become unbearably hot in the summer“. Garage attic insulation, also known as, Garage radiant barrier, is needed to stop the heat from entering your garage.

How much does a garage radiant barrier cost to install? Installing garage radiant barrier will cost you about $500 for 1 car garage and about $800 for a 2 car garage. In general, it costs around $2 per sq ft to install garage radiant barrier.

We use SRX garage radiant barrier to block out 98% of radiant heat. You can buy a similar type of radiant barrier material but no radiant barrier will stand up to our patented SRX garage insulation.

The great thing about SRX is that it works for your home and is the best garage insulation for hot climates. SRX comes with a lifetime guarantee to save you 50% on heating and cooling electricity costs.

Learn more more about garage insulation costs below.

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How Much Does Garage Attic Insulation Cost To Install?

Here are our garage attic insulation costs. These costs include the garage attic insulation foil and our labor fees for installation. We ship nationwide for customers who do not live within our service area, please call for pricing.

Garage Sq. Ft. Garage Attic Insulation Cost
300 Sq. Ft. $900
400 Sq. Ft. $1200
500 Sq. Ft. $1,500
600 Sq. Ft. $1,800
800 Sq. Ft. $2,400
1000 Sq. Ft. $3,000
1200 Sq. Ft. $3,600
1800 Sq. Ft. $5,400

SRX Works For Your Home’s Attic Too! | Save 50% On Electricity

Attic-InsulationSRX radiant barrier was originally invented to keep your home’s attic cool. It has the capability of saving you 50% on your overall heating and cooling electricity costs guaranteed! The great thing about our new reflective insulation technology is that it never stops working as current radiant barrier foil does. SRX solves all problems with radiant barrier technology.

Installing attic insulation or radiant barrier in your home’s attic is the best way to reduce APS & SRP electricity costs during the summertime in Arizona, Florida & Texas. Plus our SRX reflective insulation will make all the individual rooms in your home the same temperature and makes your home A/C unit run more efficiently. SRX is also the best insulation for cold climates and can keep your home warm during the wintertime too. Learn more about how radiant barrier works here.

We can perform a free home energy audit while we are installing your garage door insulation, garage insulation, and garage mini-split.

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Step 2. Install a Garage Attic Fan to Ventilate the Air

Attic-FansThe garage attic fan will push all of the remaining heat out of the attic of your garage. We used the highest powered German attic fan money can buy. This ensures that the air is circulated frequently and keeps your garage at a much cooler temperature. It costs about $250 to get a garage attic fan professionally installed.

Without an attic fan, the garage would become a thermos oven, keeping in all of the heat. No radiant barrier installation is complete without installing an attic fan or some other type of garage ventilation system. If a radiant barrier contractor tries to tell you that an attic fan isn’t needed, run!

Although, just installing garage attic insulation and an attic fan isn’t enough, you need insulation on the garage door to keep all of that heat out as well.

Step 3. Install Garage Door Insulation to Seal up the Garage

Garage Door InsulationGarage door insulation is by far the most important component to cooling a garage and lack of it are one main reason why your garage gets so hot in the summer.

Garage door insulation keeps your garage cooler, decreases the time needed to cool down the garage, make garage air conditioning work more efficiently and more.

On avg, garage door insulation costs about $300 for a single bay one car garage (single bay), $600 for a two-car garage (double bay), and $900 for a triple car garage (triple bay).

We use the same patented SRX radiant barrier to insulate your garage door as well. SRX is the best insulation for garage doors and fills in any tiny holes or cracks where hot air can make its way in.

Although installing garage attic insulation, a garage attic fan and garage door insulation alone won’t make your garage completely cool. You have to install some kind of garage cooling system in order to cool down the space effectively and keep it cool. Only by installing a garage mini split ac unit will you experience true garage cooling with controllable temperatures. Combining all 4 of these products together is the best way to cool a garage in the summer.

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How Much Does Garage Door Insulation Cost To Install?

Here are our garage door insulation costs. These costs include the garage door insulation foil and our labor fees for installation. We ship nationwide for customers who do not live within our service area, please call for pricing.

Garage Door Type Cost To Install Insulation
Single Garage Door Insulation $300
Double Garage Door Insulation $600
RV Single Garage Door Insulation $600
RV Double Garage Door Insulation $900

Step 4. Install a Garage Air Conditioner to Cool the Garage Down

Garage-Mini-SplitsThe best type of ac for a garage with no windows is a dustless mini split. Ductless mini split ac units work great for cooling garages with no windows. They are perfect for homeowners who not only want to keep their garage cooler but for those who want complete control over the temperature inside the garage space. A garage mini split will cool your garage with no windows fast!

Also, a garage mini splits are the best air conditioners for a garage with no windows because they don’t use the window as a vent. They have their own ventilation systems where you only have to drill a small hole in the wall for installation.

Remember, you can’t install window ac units because there are no windows. Garage mini split ac units are ductless and only need a small hole drilled to vent to connect to the outside unit. This solves the problem with no garage ventilation of garage windows.

Not only can garage mini splits make your garage more pleasant during the summer but it can also help decrease your home’s central air conditioning expenses. When you cool down the closest part of your garage that is connected to the house, it also keeps rooms that are attached to the garage cooler.

How much does an ac unit for a garage with no windows cost?

Installing a ductless ac unit for your garage can range from $2500 for a 1 car garage, $3,000 for a 2 car garage, all the up to about $4,000 for the some of the really nicer mini split units.

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How Much Does a Garage Mini-Split A/C Unit Cost?

Here are our garage ac unit costs to install. These costs include the garage ac unit and our labor fees for installation. As you will notice below, you can get more square feet of cooling space from your mini-split system when you also install SRX garage insulation and garage door insulation. We ship nationwide for customers who do not live within our service area, please call for pricing.

1. Ductless Garage AC Units *install included Cost To Install Cooling Area No SRX Cooling Area With SRX
A. ¾ Ton basic cooling only unit $2,200 300sqft 600sqft
B. 1 Ton basic garage ac/heat unit 120V $2,500 400sqft 800sqft
C. 1 Ton Inverter garage ac/heat 120V $2,700 400sqft 800sqft
D. 1Ton Inverter garage ac /heat 240V $3,150 500sqft 1000sqft
E. 1.5 Ton Inverter garage ac/heat 240V $3,500 600sqft 1200sqft
F. 2 Ton Inverter garage ac/heat 240 V $3,800 800sqft 1800sqft
G. 2 Ton Inverter garage ac/heat 240V Multi (x2) $4,500 800sqft 1800sqft (Split)

Can I vent air conditioner into the garage?

Yes, you can vent air conditioner into your garage. However, your HVAC system was not meant to pump air into the garage and you could add extra strain on it, giving it a higher chance of failing. Your best bet is to install a mini split in the garage as that is the only effective and efficient option.

Garage Cooling Quotes

Other Ways To Cool A Garage Without Windows

Here are a few garage cooling ideas, but the only way to effectively keep your garage cool without windows is by installing garage insulation and a garage mini split ac unit.

  1. Install Garage AC Unit (*Recommended)
  2. Install Garage Radiant Barrier (*Recommended)
  3. Install Garage Door Insulation (*Recommended)
  4. Install German Attic Fan
  5. Buy a swamp cooler
  6. Install a ceiling fan
  7. Install windows
  8. Open the overhead door about a foot from the floor
  9. Install an adjustable rollaway awning
  10. Install an attic fan
  11. Install an attic vent
  12. Install weatherstripping on the bottom of the garage door
  13. Paint & caulk the garage door

Watch our Youtube video where we talk about 9 garage cooling ideas to help you cool your garage.

For more information about cooling down garages in hot climates, read our post titled how to cool a garage

These heating and cooling methods also work for heating and cooling a garage workshop.

Should I Buy A Portable Air Conditioning Unit to Cool my Garage?

Buying a portable air conditioning unit can help you cool a garage with no windows. However, you will have to drill some type of hole for ventilation. Portable air conditioners put out a ton of heat and are known for being less efficient on electricity. It will help keep the space cool but you will need some type of insulation if you are going to keep the cool air in.

Can a portable AC cool a garage?

Yes, a portable AC can cool a garage. But, without garage attic or garage door insulation, it won’t stay cool for long. You will end up spending a ton of extra money on electricity by running the portable AC for long periods of time. Plus, if you plan on cooling your garage for your dog, a portable air conditioner won’t work as well as a mini split. Learn more about how to keep a garage cool for a dog.

Should I Use an Electric Floor Fan to Cool My Garage?

If you only looking to cool your garage a little bit or you live in a state where it doesn’t get very hot, a portable floor fan should work just fine for cooling your garage. However, if you live in a hot state like Arizona where temperatures get up to 120 degrees and higher, a simple floor fan is going to feel like an oven is blowing hot air at you.

Should I Install an Air Exchange System to Cool My Garage?

If you can work with your garage door completely shut or partially open, installing an air exchange system can effectively cool off your garage with no windows by 10°-20°.

These systems mount to your garage’s ceiling and pull hot air from below and push it into the attic where it is forced through a gable, fan or vent. It costs about $300 to install an air exchange system DIY.

What is the best way to cool a garage?

The best way to cool a garage is to:

  1. Install a garage attic insulation
  2. Install a garage attic fan
  3. Install garage door insulation
  4. Install a garage air conditioner

Alternative Energy, LLC Offers Garage Heating & Cooling Services in Arizona

Garage Cooling Quotes

We not only offer content to help you find ways to cool your garage without windows, but we also offer garage cooling services to help you get it done!

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